Quanergy Integrates Q-Track into Milestone Systems XProtect® VMS

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Quanergy Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of 3D LiDAR security solutions, has integrated its solution that brings the power of 3D LiDAR detection, tracking, and classification into Milestone’s XProtect® VMS.

The Integrated Solution Becomes a Force Multiplier

The integration directly connects Quanergy’s Q-Track to Milestone’s XProtect® VMS and allows Q-Track to send valuable actionable insights in the form of hyper-accurate alarms/events as well as object location, both relative and absolute, to Milestone’s XProtect VMS. The integration is bi-directional and allows users to create zones from within XProtect making it the only front-end system that operators need to be trained on.

As a result, customers can have a highly secure, automated security operations solution that can consistently and reliably protect a site from intrusion and enable continuous tracking of bad actors throughout the entire perimeter. More importantly, the solution can significantly reduce the number of false alerts while saving customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly guard services.

Q-Track Solution Overview

Q-Track redefines physical security with a seamlessly integrated solution that combines Quanergy’s long-range 3D LiDAR sensors with advanced perception software. It allows customers to keep leveraging existing investments by augmenting their camera based PID systems, enabling them to locate with unprecedented level accuracy the exact location of a potential intruder. Quanergy’s solution addresses all major mission-critical security use cases including perimeter intrusion detection, rooftop security, mobile security towers, man trap/vestibule access controls, server rack and cabinet security through the following core competencies:

“Milestone is pleased to welcome Quanergy as a community partner and excited to bring Quanergy’s expertise in 3D LiDAR detection, tracking, and classification into the Milestone Marketplace. This opens up a wide array of new applications outside of traditional uses by police, including critical infrastructure, data centers, telecommunications, and any other settings in which a customer wishes to protect a site from intrusion,” stated Dave Nieweg, Community Management Program Owner, Milestone Systems.

Gerald Becker, Vice President, of Market Development and Alliances, Quanergy, said: “For security applications, operators want better situational awareness and precision, regardless of the use-case. The integration of Quanergy’s Q-Track 3D LiDAR solution into Milestone’s XProtect VMS brings a remarkable proactive approach which can detect, track, and classify moving objects in sensitive environments with unmatched precision and accuracy.”

For more information, visit www.quanergy.com.

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