New Products and Services from Shooter Detection Systems

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Shooter Detection Systems, an company and provider of the world’s leading gunshot detection solutions, has multiple new developments in Active Shooter Intelligence™.

Introducing SecureGrants: Strengthening Communities for a Safer Tomorrow

SDS is thrilled to launch SecureGrants, an innovative program built on our unwavering commitment to safety and security. This philanthropic initiative, fully funded by SDS, strategically matches organizations with funding opportunities, optimizing their chances of obtaining cutting-edge security infrastructure through available grant monies.

By underwriting grant writing services, SDS aims to alleviate financial and logistical barriers so more qualified schools and businesses can acquire these essential technologies. This not only benefits customers with critical security solutions, but also creates new sales opportunities for valued SDS partners. With SDS handling the grant process, dealers can focus on configuring the ideal security packages for their customers’ needs. Ultimately, SecureGrants is about more than funding – it’s about coming together to help make our communities safer by making state-of-the-art security achievable.

Introducing The SDS Starter Kit: A First Step to Detection Readiness

SDS is excited to announce the launch of the SDS Starter Kit, a new product designed to provide the ideal starting point for organizations seeking to enhance their protection against gun violence threats. The kit allows end users to experience the benefits of SDS’s cutting-edge gunshot detection technology in their highest priority locations, without the complexity of a full-scale deployment. For our valued partners, the SDS Starter Kit delivers a business-building offering that kicks down customer barriers to adoption. By providing a simplified path to starter-level detection, the kit enables partners to open new doors and expand existing accounts over time. As SDS collaborates on tailored growth roadmaps for each customer, we collectively cement our position as trusted advisors advancing comprehensive safety. Together with our trusted partners, SDS is committed to guiding customers through their first steps towards readiness with this streamlined, entry-level detection solution.

SDS ResponderLink: Revolutionizing Emergency Notification for Active Shooter Events

SDS is thrilled to showcase one of its latest advancements – a groundbreaking new 911 notification service for gunshot events. ResponderLink completes the circle from detection to 911 notification to first responder awareness, giving law enforcement the enhanced situational intelligence they urgently need to save lives.

Integrating SDS’s proven gunshot detection system with Noonlight’s SendPolice platform, ResponderLink is the first solution to automatically deliver real-time gunshot detection data to 911 call centers and first responders. When shots are detected, the 911 dispatching center, also known as the Public Safety Answering Point or PSAP, is contacted based on the gunfire location, enabling faster initiation of life-saving emergency protocols. ResponderLink also enables the delivery of alerts to a customer-defined list of stakeholders and the integrator servicing the location. By opening the lines of communication between first responders and facility managers, ResponderLink aids in the overall coordination of emergency response to the location. As part of the standard SDS subscription, ResponderLink is now available to all new and existing customers.

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