Active Intelligence’s ASTRA Video Anomaly Detection Now Available!

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Active Intelligence, pioneer of AI-powered anomaly detection software for physical security is excited to announce that its groundbreaking ASTRA™ Autonomous Video Anomaly Detection solution is now available for sale.

The decision to initiate the official availability of ASTRA comes after a series of user trials and evaluations in mission-critical applications across multiple vertical markets.

“We performed extensive field tests with ASTRA and listened very carefully to scores of respected security professionals over the last 18 months, ensuring that we were bringing the best possible solution to market,” said Ken LaMarca, CEO, Active Intelligence. “The concept of commercially viable autonomous anomaly detection is new to this industry, so it was imperative that we got it right from the get-go. We’re extremely excited to bring this technology to market and help businesses tangibly improve the security of their facilities.”

A breakthrough in proactive security technology, ASTRA™ delivers real-time anomaly detection for a virtually unlimited number of security, safety, compliance, and commercial/industrial applications across the enterprise. Unlike conventional video analytics, ASTRA eliminates the need for pre-configured rules to detect virtually any anomaly within a scene. This unique capability allows ASTRA to automatically distinguish acts of violence, individuals in distress, disruptions to assembly lines… the possibilities are limitless. Further, ASTRA detects anomalies using statistical data analysis without any bias or human judgment.

A highly cost-effective solution, ASTRA allows for hundreds of video streams to efficiently run on a single server, significantly reducing the cost of implementation compared to conventional video analytics software. The lightweight application also creates little to no load on the user’s network.

ASTRA’s anomaly detection transforms any video security system from purely reactive into a truly proactive, automated imaging solution, putting eyes on the entire system 24/7. For ease and speed of deployment, ASTRA integrates with the industry’s leading video management system (VMS) platforms, including Milestone XProtect, Qognify Ocularis, Genetec Security Center, and Salient in the near future.

For information on where and how to purchase ASTRA Video Anomaly Detection, go to

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