Worship Facility Podcast – Communicating Tech Needs with Leadership: Finding Common Ground

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Working as a tech or volunteer can often lead to a sense that church leadership just doesn’t understand the struggles we live with every week. When we bring up issues, leaders can seem aloof, uncaring or worse, indifferent. How can technical personnel communicate effectively with church leaders so they not only understand the critically important function the tech ministry fills, but also find a way to work together to better and more fully support the mission and vision of the church? Learn the answers from Steve Kuhn, Founder and Executive Director of ShareBuilt, Shawn Kirsch, Tech Director of Ransom Church; and Tim Adams, Owner of Timato Systems.

Takeaways include:

1 – A toolbox of methods to utilize when approaching and interacting with church leadership in positive ways

2 – An understanding of the incredible balancing act and sheer load of responsibilities on our church leadership

3 – Strategies for being part of vision-casting and mission development discussions to better support your leadership so they, in turn, can better support your ministry.

Listen to the podcast here:

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