Excellence in Church Technology

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Join Technologies for Worship’s Editor-in-Chief Michelle Makariak as she hosts  CFX Connections’ very first round table discussing excellence in Church Technology with Tim Adams, owner of Timato Systems, and Ricky Perinchief, CEO of Proton Global. Learn from industry leaders on how to achieve excellence through technology. 

Meet Michelle, Tim, And Ricky

Michelle Makariak

Michelle is the Editor-in-Chief of Technologies for Worship Magazine., an educational resource for houses of worship covering all things tech– consumable by volunteers, staff members and leadership alike.

Tim Adams

Designer/Installer/Consultant/Author, Tim has served on the front-lines of church technical ministry for nearly 25 years, working from audio recording and live sound to live video, lighting and projection. He is also the founder of Timato Systems.

Ricky Perinchief

Ricky is a 2-time Emmy® winner with 20 years in broadcast TV, consulting & systems integration; and oversees technology for his father @ NOW Church in Ocala, FL. His company Proton Global, is committed to helping ministries of all sizes achieve technical excellence.

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