IT & AVL Integration in Construction Planning & Projects

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Why is it important to include IT and AVL integration into the planning process of any new build or renovation project your church is undergoing? There are countless stories of how things went wrong and extra money was spent to incorporate these things after the construction was done. Tim Adams, Elliott Wood, and Rodney James discuss how to plan at the proper time and who should be in that planning process to ensure your next building project goes off with minimal issues.

Meet Elliott, Tim and Rodney

Guest Speaker: Elliott Wood

Elliott Wood is Director of Consulting at Enable Ministry Partners. Over the past 18 years, Elliott has consulted churches on IT strategy to enable support of their unique ministry strategies and discipleship pathways. Currently, Elliott is most active in helping churches use church management software more effectively—by facilitating a team-based approach to defining requirements and choosing new ChMS, to implementing or optimizing the configuration of ChMS to better solve ministry problems, and training staff to better use their ChMS. Elliott has served dozens of churches from 1000 in weekly attendance to over 40,000 in weekly attendance.

Guest Speaker: Tim Adams

As an AV System Designer/Installer/Consultant/Author, Tim Adams has served in church technical ministry for nearly 25 years, working his way from audio recording and live sound to live video, lighting and projection. 

He has worked with churches across the United States, and has consulted with churches in Australia, Suriname, Europe and Africa. Tim brings an intense passion for technical excellence to Timato Systems and to his clientele, pushing past mediocrity by casting God-sized vision for ministry and applying task to purpose, connecting otherwise mundane tasks to the real-world impact for those the ministry touches.

Guest Host: Rodney James

Rodney James was raised building buildings with his father. God called him from the corporate world to full time ministry where he served as church administrator and later senior pastor for 20 years. Having led his church through 3 major construction projects, Rodney understands the full process from discovering need, to vision casting, to designing and building ministry-related projects. Rodney has a gift for and passion to educate churches and lead them through successful on-budget projects. Rodney is the founder and president of Master’s Plan Church Design and Construction. He and his wife Dana have one daughter.

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