CFX 2022 Production Seminars Offer Key Information for Every Production Pro and Volunteer

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Every year the Church Facilities Expo (CFX) presents two days of workshops and seminars regarding church production, leadership, and facilities maintenance. This year’s offerings, co-sponsored by Worship Facility are better than ever. For the next three weeks, we’ll take a look at what you can expect, starting this week with the Production Track.

Pre-conference masterclass

For the first time, pre-conference masterclasses will be available on the day before CFX officially begins, October 24. The Production Masterclass will be “Next Level Livestreaming,” hosted by Tim Adams. The session will be an intensive workshop geared towards the church that wants to go deeper with their livestreaming broadcast. Information will cover the specifics of how to go from basic to advanced with your livestream, including audio, lighting, camera angles, software, and more.

October 25

On the first full day of the conference production seminars and events include:

  • Creating a Video Shoot from Scratch by film and production consultant Zach Kepple and production assistant Logan Dean
  • Yes, It Makes a Difference—How Cable Selection Affects Your Digital Signal Path by Jerry Colmenero of SOLCOR Cables
  • Stage Drapery Fire Code Compliance & Care by Zane Neily of On-Site Drapery Cleaners
  • The Role of Video Director for Broadcast and Livestreaming by Andre Jones, CEO of Another Jones Productions
  • Lighting Essentials for Worship Livestreaming by Scott Kinnebrew of Olden Lighting
  • Top Challenges Church Streamers Face & How to Overcome Them by Bobby Lester of Resi Media
  • In-Ear Monitors 101 by Greg Shields of InEarz Audio
  • Improving the Impact of Church Buildings for Worship by Donnie Haulk, CEO/President of AE Global
  • Production Team Volunteer Development Strategies by audio director, engineer, and consultant David Stagl
  • LED Video Displays: What to Look for When Purchasing One by Daniel Gourley, CEO of 5 Words Media.

October 26

On the final day of the conference, there will be more than a dozen more production-related seminars and events, including:

  • Working Smarter with Automation and The Cloud for Your Tech Administrative Processes by Shawn Kirsch, Tech Director at Ransom Church
  • Copyright and Streaming Licensing Essentials by David Leuschner, Executive Director of Digital Great Commission Ministries
  • Display Screen Options: LED Walls, Multi-Screen, and Environmental Projection by Donnie Haulk, CEO/President of AE Global
  • Using Color in Your Lighting to Enhance the Worship Experience by Tom Stanziano, Lighting Volunteer at Harborside Church
  • Evaluating Lighting Fixture Output—CMI vs. TM-30 by Stephen Ellison of The Light Source
  • Video Operation Without Operators by James Jensen of Panasonic Systems Solutions
  • Improving the Impact of Broadcast & Streaming by Donnie Haulk, CEO/President of AE Global
  • Effective Training for Audio Volunteers by Tommy Lozure, Music Production Department Chair of Visible Music College
  • Maximizing Worship Band Rehearsals by Andy Swanson of Alclair Audio
  • Communicating Tech Needs with Leadership: Finding Common Ground by Shawn Kirsch, Tech Director at Ransom Church; Steve Kuhn, founder and Executive Director of ShareBuilt; and Tim Adams, owner of Timato Systems.

The goal of CFX is to address the many unique challenges of technical and production teams. Sessions are taught by industry experts and Tech Directors who understand the technology, and the skills needed to serve well. To register, go to



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