Powersoft Extends New Learning Program with Two Certified Courses

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Powersoft has extended its learning program with the launch of two new certified courses on its website — 201i and 201t, which are continuations of previous courses — offering a more extensive look into topics such as dynamic music distribution systems, the company’s Mezzo amplifier platform and WM Touch PoE-fed wall-mounted touch screen, and more.

In addition, the 201i course furthers the explanation of all the windows and functions of ArmoníaPlus control and monitoring software, including focus on how to manage networking and control through third-party plugins. Meanwhile, the 201t course introduces Interactive Tuning, a tool designed to harness the potential of Rational Acoustics Smaart v8 to measure and align your sound system, in addition to addressing networking.

“Created by our in-house experts, these courses are for anyone working in the professional audio market so they can operate with specialist understanding on audio systems, and gain an expert’s insight into our audio products,” says Thiago Terra, education and application engineer.

The educational program covers live and installation audio and are split into basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Trainees receive a certificate of completion after they finish each course.

“These follow-on courses have been designed to give users across the audio industry a chance to build upon their knowledge and gain new skills when installing audio systems and utilising Powersoft products,” Terra concludes. “It’s our hope that, with the launch of this education program, we will be able to continue to support the audio industry’s development.”

Go here to access the new 201i and 201t courses as well as the rest of the program.

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