Avid Presenting Live Webinar On Immersive Sound Mixing For Houses Of Worship

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To bring better clarity and an immersive experience to its congregation, Orchard Hill Church in Pittsburgh, PA recently renovated its worship center with a new sound reinforcement system headed by an Avid VENUE | S6L system at front of house driving an L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive system, plus a second S6L to handle the church’s weekly broadcasts.

Join Avid’s Robert Scovill as he talks with special guest John Cornelius, technical director at Orchard Hill, about how Cornelius and his team leverage these systems to present the best services possible. The discussion will be presented in a live webinar slated for Wednesday, March 24 starting at 10 am U.S. Pacific time/1 pm Eastern time. Registration for this free event is required and can be done here.

Robert Scovill (left) and John Cornelius

Robert Scovill is an award-winning engineer with with over 35 years of experience mixing concert sound. (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Matchbox Twenty, Rush, Def Leppard, Jackson Browne).

John Cornelius has served as technical director at Orchard Hill Church for the last 20 years. Specializing in audio, he has also previously served with Willow Creek Germany and North Way Christian Community.

Again, register here for this free live discussion slated for Wednesday, March 24.


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