Ashly Audio Refocuses Training To Further Support AV Integration

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Audio, Facilities, News

Ashly Audio is adding new coursework to its Ashly University training. They hope to meet the expectation that 2021 will see a substantial uptick in pro AV integrations.

The company forecasts that schools, offices, and worship spaces will be seeking new ways of using AV for a long-term blend of in-person and remote offerings. Further, as the pandemic lessens, people will be returning to restaurants, live events, and sports this summer.

“While there is no doubt that 2020 was a challenging year, we believe now is the time to look ahead and plan for a fantastic year,” says Noel Larson, EVP Sales and Marketing at Ashly Audio. “We have been working diligently to develop support options that will help our dealers, integrators, consultants, and other partners grow their business during the coming months as we look to an industry in recovery.”

A refresh of the coursework will focus on opportunities emerging across numerous verticals in 2021. Go here for information on upcoming courses as well as to book private courses.

“We will help our partners forecast, outline, and design for the expectations of end-users across many different markets going into 2021,” Larson said. “We are seeing first-hand how pro audio workflows are being reimagined to support near-term and long-term uses. We believe pro audio has an exciting role to play in our collective return to the world we left in early 2020, and we’re very lucky to be in a position to share that with everyone who is interested.”

Market trends likely to be addressed by Ashly Audio include:

— A resurgence of restaurants: looking at new, unique, and appropriate audio solutions that enable indoor and outdoor dining spaces to reopen and stay open.

— Evolving needs of educators: reimagining AV systems to support in-person and remote education long-term.

— Hybrid worship environments: what must audio system designers consider with both in-person and remote viewing being the new normal?

— Redefining corporate audio needs: in a world where work-from-home has proven its viability and value, and huddle rooms are the new norm, what new AV workflows are most effective in the office?

“In addition to training, we will be reaching out to our partners individually to share these new ideas and workflows,” Larson concludes. “We want to make sure everyone has access to our market research, as that is the quickest path to reinvigorating the industry.”

Ashly Audio

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