Danley Sound Labs Heads Up New Sanctuary Audio System At Large Church In Singapore

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Bartley Christian Church in Singapore offers a fan-shaped sanctuary built in 2006 that can accommodate 1,200 congregants, and it’s recently been outfitted with a new sound reinforcement system designed and installed by local AV integration firm Soundsmith Solutions that centers on Danley Sound Labs J7-95 Jericho Horn loudspeakers joined by a variety of smaller full-range Danley loudspeakers for fill as well as Danley TH118XL subwoofers delivering low-end support.

“The existing system at Bartley Christian Church, being 10 years old, was showing its age and struggling to keep up with the higher impact music they are playing these days,” explains Nicholas Loe, regional manager, Danley Asia. “Additionally, the way the previous system was designed and installed interfered with the line of sight to the projection screen. Many seats had an obstructed view of the stage and screen. After two years of research and discussions with existing users, church officials made the decision to go with Danley Sound Labs.”

Soundsmith Solutions, which also serves as the regional Danley distributor, sought to deliver a system offering even coverage, high intelligibility, and musical impact without obstructing any sightlines, despite a relatively low ceiling for the size of the room. “The Danley J7-95 Jericho Horn proved to be the right box for Bartley Christian Church’s sanctuary,” Loe says. “Line arrays would have failed the line-of-sight requirement, whereas Danley’s small footprint and big output could get the job done. Pattern control was also an important factor. Danley’s patented technologies provide even coverage within the beam and remarkably little output outside of the beam. Danley’s point-source phase coherence and fidelity were also important considerations.”

Measuring 36 x 24 x 24 omcjes, the two J7-95 loudspeakers serving as mains provide a small footprint while still being capabile of delivery the required sound pressure levels. Meanwhile, two SH95 loudspeakers provide down fill, two more SH46 loudspeakers supply side fill, and six SH mini cabinets handle front fill. The four TH118XL subwoofers (two per side) reside behind the Jericho Horns. A new Allen & Heath Avantis console at front of house provide mix capabilities for the new system.

“This Danley design proved to be the winning combination for Bartley Christian Church,” Loe concludes. “The measured results showed a tremendous improvement over the previous loudspeaker system. The Danley boxes deliver vastly greater intelligibility, with an average of 0.76 STI achieved across the hall with very little deviation. Clarity is way up compared with the previous system, as is dynamic range. There is ample headroom, and feedback is not a problem. Sightlines are also great. Everyone can see the large screen, even those sitting at the extreme edges of the seating area. To top it off, the front-of-house crew is now happy because they have a representative version of the mix from their position.”

Danley Sound Labs

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