Circa Scoop LED XL Shine With Worship

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The Mega Light Circa Scoop LED XL has added a unique lighting element to several applications recently, including at Gwinnett Church in Sugar Hill, GA. The church deployed several units along the edge of their outdoor stage for a memorable night of worship.

Tim Spidel, owner of OverFlo Productions, Inc., worked closedy with Gwinnett Church Technical Director/Designer Josh Mobley and Lighting Designer Jonathan Amacher to create a design that would highlight the outdoor stage. Spidel ultimately provided a total of nine Circa Scoop LED XL units displayed in a horizontal line across the stage to create a unique triangular visual.

“We wanted some eye candy that’s unique, different, and can handle upbeat celebratory moments as well as somber reverent moments for a well put together worship event,” said Spidel. 

The Circa Scoop LED XL is a new addition to the Mega Lights Circa Scoop LEd series. Designed with four different elements that can be used in multiple applications, it features a variety of technological components that add a one-of-a-kind look to any application. Equipped with 60 W and Amber LEDs located in the unit’s Center Engine it enables the unit to create a nice and warm sunset effect, ideal for theatrical utilization. The “Reflective Pattern Ring” has an additional 108 WW LEDs, which creates a nice soft-edged effect to any setting. It also features a total of 464 RGB LEDs with an 8 segment control and the capability to control the macro speed and dim down different colors enabling it to set a wide mixture of colors. 

“We love having specialty lights in our inventory that are versatile,” adds Spidel. “The Circa Scoop XL adds something to any genre we are working with from Americana, to Pop Rock.”

The Circa Scoop LED XL can produce multiple color combinations and facilitate the ability to create authentic looks that can be used as unique effects. In addition, the RGB LEDs also produce a bright cool white, allowing it to alter the mood and intensify or neutralize a color. The Inner and Outer Rings generate pulsing random strobe and macro effects, giving the Circa Scoop further diversity within one single unit.

Gwinnett Church utilized the units during an event that provided a worship service and gospel presentation to church members and the general public. Due to new COVID restrictions, the event was held outdoors, requiring a unique visual. With its ability to create multiple effects, the Circa Scoop LED XL was the perfect choice for this specific event.

Spidel concludes, “Its golden globe look of the units in their off-state function well as a scenic element — which is terrific. The multiple modes allow for in-depth control — which is exactly what the event required. I wanted something that’s not just a scoop but something with a nice highlighted circular geometry and an array of colorful explosions within. The Scale and LED layers of the Circa XL accomplished all of this for me.” 


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