Associated Beth Rivkah Schools Elevates Events Experience with Modern Audiovisual Transformation

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Associated Beth Rivkah Schools recently transformed its lunchroom into a modern multipurpose venue, by installing a a state-of-the-art audiovisual system. The upgraded facility now caters to various functions within the school, serving as a flexible space for activities such as lunchroom gatherings, school assemblies, guest speakers, dismissals, school stage performances, video presentations, and graduation ceremonies.

The previous sound system, limited to four basic point source speakers and a low cost wireless mic, posed challenges during larger school events, necessitating the frequent rental of an audio system at a substantial cost. While planning the overall upgrades to the lunchroom, the school took the opportunity to work with New York based integrator Ahron Aronow of Elyon Systems to design an AV system incorporating K-array speakers, turning the space into a truly versatile and multi-use environment.

Two distinct audio zones within the venue offer a range of options for events. The stage area features two slim KP102 speakers discreetly placed on either side with two KP52 for front fill and two KS2P I subwoofers situated under the stage. A 300″ motorized screen with a concealed projector enhances the stage setup, providing a seamless AV experience for various school productions and presentations.

The wider side of the room is ideal for banquets and large events and boasts four KK102 speakers along the length, delivering crisp audio for spoken word and background music during events. Four custom-finished KU210 subwoofers, recessed 20 feet in the ceiling, provide a powerful, unobtrusive full range audio solution. Multiple high contrast LED displays and motorized screens offer many options for video content. The innovative K-array systems were carefully selected to provide immersive sound while keeping a minimal visual footprint. The almost “invisible” speakers, as described by the clients, not only meet the school’s requirements but also contribute to the overall beauty of the room.

The entire space is pre-provisioned to accommodate a future divisible wall allowing the AV to function independently in each half of the room. Despite the room being full of hard surfaces, the sound is designed to be directional and contained within the sitting area. The AV system minimizes the bouncing and echoing of sound while still generously feeding the seating area with intelligible sound creating an environment where reverberation is almost unnoticeable.

The successful implementation of the new audiovisual system by Elyon Systems has garnered positive feedback from faculty, teachers, and students who noted that with the improved acoustics, they “can finally hear what’s going on”. Recognizing the potential of this multifunctional area, Beth Rivkah has opened its doors to the broader community, offering the venue for rental purposes. The space is now available for banquets, bar mitzvahs, screenings, weddings, fundraising dinners, and live-stream events, providing an adaptable setting for any occasion.

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