FlexPoint and TORUS Series Spearhead Martin Audio’s InfoComm Product Showcase

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Martin Audio will arrive at InfoComm 23 (June 13-16, Orlando, FL) at the strongest point in its 50-year-plus history. This is marked by the recent launch of the FlexPoint portable coaxial point source series, and the TORUS 8 (T820) addition to what it describes as the definitive constant curvature range.

While global partners avidly tuned in online to the virtual launch of FlexPoint, the UK, US and APAC followed up with real world Open Day presentations and demonstrations of the product portfolio earlier in the month—in High Wycombe, Maryland and Singapore respectively.

On the back of this momentum Lee Stein, VP North America, leads a confident team into the InfoComm halls where the full series of both TORUS and FlexPoint will be available for customer inspection at their booth, prior to heading to the demo room where theory translates into practice as the systems are put through their paces.

Says Stein, “TORUS has been a great success here in the US and we had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of TORUS 8 for our US Open Day. Attendees were impressed with the performance, as were we, and it is an excellent addition to what is now an impressive line of constant curvature arrays.”

Of FlexPoint, Lee Stein states, “This is a great addition to the line-up as it evolves the much-loved coaxial technology featured in the CDD range, but with new features more attuned to a sound reinforcement and live sound application rather than an installation.

“That said, we fully expect FlexPoint to also succeed in the integration market. The FP4 is a shockingly powerful little box with a myriad of application potential, and I expect to see the FP6 and FP8 be widely used as front fills and under-balcony applications.”

The enlarged product portfolio is also matched by the largest contingent of Martin Audio representatives to ever attend the show, across sales, marketing and technical to ensure visitors to both the booth and demo room receive a warm welcome and gain all the insight and support they need.

For more information: https://martin-audio.com

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