Roland Introduces VR-120HD Direct Streaming AV Mixer

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Gear, Production, Streaming

Roland’s Professional A/V Division announces the VR-120HD Direct Streaming AV Mixer, the new flagship model in the acclaimed VR streaming switcher lineup. Offering extensive audio and video I/O, a large touchscreen, and hands-on controls, this portable unit gives a single operator all the tools needed to manage any mid-level hybrid production. Advanced Roland AV features simplify difficult tasks with customizable workflows, deep automation functions, remote PTZ camera control, one-touch macro sequencing, streaming over LAN and USB, and much more.

The VR-120HD’s flexible video capabilities make creating custom experiences for live and online audiences easy. The operator can assign sources to eight cross-points on the fly—including live video inputs, still images, and video clips—and prioritize cameras and computer sources with scene recall. Independent feeds can be created by assigning composition layers to multiple busses as needed.

The VR-120HD features six HDMI and six SDI video inputs in Full HD, supporting a range of broadcast and cinematic frame rates and color spaces. The HDMI inputs feature scalers with EDID and HDCP support, eliminating hassles with client sources like computers, tablets, gaming consoles, and legacy 4:3 devices.

The effects engine in the VR-120HD features eight composition layers that can be assigned to the Program, Sub-Program, and Aux outs. With up to four picture-in-picture windows and two downstream key layers with transparent PNG and external key support, users can manage any creative need.

Offering multiple assignable outputs—including three SDI and three HDMI outputs, a USB-C streaming output, and ethernet streaming—the VR-120HD puts a high-end video matrix at the operator’s fingers. Numerous output frame rates are supported, and powerful routing tools provide the flexibility to feed program displays, monitors, multi-view producer displays, and online audiences at once.

The VR-120HD’s advanced technology makes livestreaming to the most popular platforms smoother than ever before. With support for direct streaming over ethernet and USB computer streaming up to 60 FPS, users can deliver high-quality presentations to any audience. And with simultaneous SDXC recording, events can be captured for later distribution.

The VR-120HD boasts the most powerful audio capabilities of any video switcher in its class, with 42-channel mixing and a host of processing tools, I/O routing options, and automation features. Six XLR/1/4-inch combo inputs feature high-quality mic preamps, and four RCA inputs are on hand for standard line-level devices. Users can mix embedded digital audio from the HDMI, SDI, and USB inputs, and Bluetooth is also available for streaming audio from a mobile device.

The unique Audio Player section lets users enhance events with custom sounds. Eight assignable pads on the VR-120HD panel can be used to trigger sound effects, event announcements, countdowns for e-sports, or theme songs for presenters.

Advanced workflow tools in the V-120HD allow the operator to execute multiple functions with a single press. The 32 scene memories and powerful effects engine work together for seamless scene changes, while 100 macros provide one-touch control of complex action lists. A sequencer function makes presets and macros even more powerful, with the ability to program up to 1000 steps and trigger them in order during events.

The VR-120HD features extensive PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera integration with onboard support for select Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Sony, PTZOptics, Avonic, and VISCA-compatible PTZ LAN cameras. Different brands can be mixed and matched, and up to 12 PTZ cameras can be operated simultaneously.

The VR-120HD also includes tally light support, remote record triggering of Atomos recorders, RS-232 and GPIO ports, and more. Free remote-control software coming in Q2 2023 will allow users to enhance production workflows via an iPad or Mac/Windows computer.

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