PTZOptics Expands Award-Winning Move PTZ Camera Series with New Move SE Model

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PTZOptics has announced the expansion of their award-winning Move 4K series of PTZ streaming cameras. The new Move SE line is a collection of low-cost, high-quality streaming cameras perfect for small to medium sized churches, schools and businesses. The SE series offers all of the features of the original Move 4K, including auto-tracking, SDI, HDMI, and USB connectivity, with a maximum resolution of 1080p, making them an ideal solution for users who don’t require 4K for normal use.

“The Move SE is perfect for anyone who wants to get into live video streaming but doesn’t want to break the bank,” said Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer at PTZOptics. “At under $1,000, it’s one of the most affordable streaming cameras on the market today.” 

Along with the new cameras, existing customers will be happy to know that PTZOptics is also releasing a new Camera Management Platform (CMP) which will add auto-tracking capabilities to the previous Gen2 camera models. The CMP software is available for download on Mac, PC and Linux computers. The CMP feature powerful tools for pan, tilt and zoom camera control, color management, and auto-tracking. 

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