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by | Dec 20, 2021 | Facilities, Leadership, News, Operations

Those who serve behind the scenes in ministry often get overlooked when it comes to resources and training. We tend to expect an Executive Pastor to be an expert on a wide variety of issues such as:

  • The nuances of cleaning and maintaining large facilities,
  • Understanding the details of church management software,
  • Dealing with selecting a background check provider,
  • Fielding complex HR questions,
  • and much more.

That’s a lot for any single person to manage, much less be an expert on. As a result, many church operations leaders find themselves running online searches for templates or how-to guides and reaching out to colleagues at other churches for help. While those methods can work, they’re time-consuming and may not yield consistent results.

To save church leaders time (and money), Deborah Ike created the Church Operations Toolkit in 2020. With two decades of experience in the ministry and corporate arenas, Deborah brings her experience (and the wisdom of experts she’s worked with along the way) to serve the church. 

The Church Operations Toolkit is a membership site that includes templates, expert interviews, and how-to guides on a variety of church operations topics. From offering counting procedures to event planning tips and more, the Church Operations Toolkit includes nearly 100 resources with more added each month. For less than a few lattes, you can access these resources within a few clicks, saving your church time and money.

Learn more and join today at

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