Aviom Releases New Flagship A640 Personal Mixer

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Aviom has announced the new A640, the next-generation flagship model of the company’s personal mixer product line, designed to provide new levels of user control and customization, a streamlined interface, and additional features that offer more flexibility.

Powered by Aviom’s A-Net digital audio transport protocol purpose-built for personal monitoring applications, the A640 fits into audio environments using Dante-based audio networks, analog consoles, and digital mixers. It’s also compatible with all Aviom personal mixing products, allowing updates and expansions to existing systems.

A new addition to the simplified user interface is a color display designed to allow performers to experience personal monitoring in new ways. “Our goal is to make it easy for the performer to get a fantastic mix, without turning them into a mix engineer,” says Ray Legnini, Aviom product research and development manager. “A well-designed personal monitor mixer makes it easier for someone who is playing an instrument, singing, and interacting with other performers, to do their job without distractions.”

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