Martin Audio Announces White Versions of WPS Line Array & SXC118 Cardioid Subwoofer

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Audio, Gear, News, Production

Martin Audio has announced that its Wavefront Precision line array system, WPS, is now available in white as a made-to-order option, and is also accompanied by its partner SXC118 cardioid subwoofer.

The company originally announced WPS 8-inch-loaded array enclosures in 2019 as the fourth model in the Wavefront Precision series. “With WPS, it was a ground up product development,” explains managing director Dom Harter. “We wanted to overcome the deficiencies and compromises of other 8-inch line arrays available on the market. That’s why we believe we have more drivers in WPS than anything else in its class, with spacing, waveguide and crossover point engineered to deliver in particular optimum HF performance with exemplary mid and high frequency pattern control, even at higher SPL. And our rental partners, FOH engineers and system integrators, have really taken WPS to their heart.”

The SXC118 is a cardioid subwoofer loaded with an 18-inch driver in the front and a 14-inch driver in the rear, coupling together for increased output to the audience while maintaining control and reducing noise behind it. Harter continues, “The success of WPS and its partner sub has naturally meant that for houses of worship and auditoria there was a growing demand for a white variant and so moving forward we are happy to make this available as a made-to-order option.”

Martin Audio

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