Lectrosonics Wireless Designer Software Now Compatible with DCR822 Dual-Channel Digital Receiver

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Lectrosonics has announced that its Wireless Designer frequency coordination and RF system management software for Mac or PC is now updated for use with the company’s DCR822 dual-channel portable digital receiver, allowing users to monitor all channels in operation, change settings, initiate infrared data transfers, manage frequency groups, scan the local RF spectrum, and calculate system operating frequencies using the Frequency Coordination Engine.

Wireless Designer Versions 2.0.30 for macOS and 2.0.34 for Windows are now available with these features for the 822. The DCR822 receiver is compatible with Lectrosonics mono and stereo digital transmitters and is backward compatible with Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitters. The unit tunes across six standard Lectrosonics blocks and offers more than 6000 frequency choices. SmartTune and 2-way IR sync are designed to make for quicker work of choosing clean channels and setting up transmitters.

A new RF front end design provides low noise amplification, improved sensitivity and low intermod susceptibility with an IP3 (3rd-order Intercept Point). Vector Diversity combines RF signals from two receiver front ends per channel and combines them in phase to obtain maximum signal integrity. In addition, the DCR822 can record receiver audio directly onto a microSD card in the industry standard .wav (BWF) file format at 24 bits/48 kHz. A USB jack allows connection to Wireless Designer software.

Wireless Designer is the software package developed to enhance setup and operation of Lectrosonics wireless microphone receiver and transmitter systems. The software provides an overall view of the connected systems with a summary of each channel displayed in real time. With multiple units, the main display window can be scaled and zoomed for the desired viewing, and several color themes are provided.

Wireless Designer software includes a spectrum scanner and coordination package for fast setup. The data from the scan along with any custom frequency data including imported lists can then be incorporated into the frequency calculations for an accurate channel coordination. The spectrum scanning and walk test recorder are designed to make site surveys easier.

Wireless Designer is available for download here at no charge. To use the DCR822 with Wireless Designer, the receiver must be updated to at least v1.30 (Microprocessor) and v1.30 (FPGA). These firmware files are available for download here. Users should follow the firmware update instructions on page 23 of the DCR822 manual (here).


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