CODA Audio Debuts New SPACE HUB Immersive Processor

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CODA Audio has announced the release of the new SPACE HUB, an immersive processor outfitted with advanced spatial audio algorithms for the positioning and movement of sound objects.

SPACE HUB can render up to 128 audio sources into 128 outputs to help create 3D immersive listening experiences in theatres, houses of worship, live venues and production studios. Set for its official launch at the Tonmeistertagung 2021 event at the CCD in Düsseldorf, the processor is an integral component of CODA’s SPACE immersive system, and it was successfully deployed at the recent Utopia Festival electronic music event in Marseilles.

“SPACE HUB is certainly central to our move into immersive audio systems, but it shouldn’t be viewed as a single defining product,” states CODA Audio director of global marketing David Webster. “Instead, it must be seen in the context of the wider SPACE Immersive System Solution as a whole. The linear phase response of all our loudspeakers is also fundamental to the way we achieve the wave field coherency necessary for a truly immersive experience. We’re looking forward to unveiling this exciting new development where, as always, hearing will be believing.”

CODA Audio

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