Outline Debuts New Architectural Series of Compact Loudspeakers

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Outline has announced the launch of the new Architectural Series of compact installation loudspeakers comprised of the Ai41 and Ai81 column and Charlie 4 cube full-range models joined by the dedicated AS6 subwoofer plus a complementary selection of mounting accessories.

The performance of the Ai41 and Ai81 column loudspeakers is enhanced with an “MTM” configuration of midrange and high-frequency drivers designed to provide optimized imaging and precision coverage from a small package. The design approach utilizes multiple transducers that are symmetrically arranged within the enclosure, helping to eliminate unwanted lobing effects and enhancing intelligibility in the radiating sphere of the loudspeaker.

All four modules are passive and can be driven by the Outline L3000 compact DSP-equipped power amplifier.

Applications include houses of worship, meeting and presentation spaces, museums, boardrooms and more. The range is also outfitted with a high degree of water resistance for use in higher-humidity locations such as spas, swimming pools, leisure centres, gyms and sports clubs.


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