RCF Debuts New ART 9 Series of Active Loudspeakers

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Audio, Gear, News, Production

RCF has introduced the ART 9 series of compact, active loudspeakers, offering six models all driven by an onboard two-channel amplifier stated to provide up to 2,100 watts joined by DSP and designed for applications that include mains, fills and stage monitoring.

As the name notes, it’s the ninth generation of the series that is stated to be 50 percent more powerful than previous versions. The amplifier doesn’t require a cooling fan, which is now handled by a solid aluminum heat exchanger in the back of the unit with no moving parts.

Performance improvements are provided by new RCF transducers utilizing materials such as Kapton, Titanium, and Neodymium. The new 1.75-inch compression driver with Polyimide-Kapton dome utilizes a new bonding technology and reinforced ribs that are stated to make it 10 times more durable than previous models. Newly designed woofers are designed to offer more stability over high currents and with less distortion. Every woofer design is tested with a 200-hour continuous signal to stress the transducer at high levels.

Further, the new True Resistive Waveguide (TRW) is the result of several refinements in both design of the transducers and the vented port, with Finite Element Analysis and constant measurement in RCF anechoic chambers. TRW is stated to mimic a resonance-free pure resistive load, reducing the high-frequency distortion of a traditional horn. With its asymmetric acoustic radiation, the coverage angle of the waveguide is designed to supply constant directivity to the entire listening area.

These components work with two RCF-exclusive DSP algorithms, one for phase linearization and crossover design, the other for woofer excursion management. FiRPHASE proprietary digital FiR technology is designed to foster coherent distribution of sound without phase distortion. The woofer excursion management—Bass Motion Control—works by creating a complete map of the dynamic behavior of the transducer to generate a custom algorithm that only limits over-excursions, avoiding both high-pass filters and large-band limiters.

The black cabinet uses a proprietary polypropylene composite material with a new construction concept. RCF’s M-Brace internal reinforcement design connects four sides of the enclosure with the amplifier, preventing any deformation, with augmented acoustical damping even at maximum volume settings. M-brace also performs well for greater resistance to mechanical stress.

Ergonomic handles are provided on both the sides and the top of the enclosure. The bottom side includes a steel pole socket for mounting on a stand or subwoofer pole. Each model can also be flown, wall- or truss-mounted using multiple M10 rigging points and special accessories.

The six models range from 10- to 15-inch woofers, and as noted, share the same 2,100-watt amplifier. ART 945-A is the largest in the series, stated to provide 135 dB max SPL and incorporating a 4-inch titanium compression driver and a neodymium woofer stated to extend down to 45 Hz.


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