Austrian Audio Releases New CC8 Condenser Microphone

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Austrian Audio has announced the new CC8, the first of a line of instrumental microphones designed for use in the studio and on stage.

The small-diaphragm cardioid CC8 utilizes the company’s OCC7 condenser capsule that has a three-micron-thick gold-coated polyethylene napthalate (PEN) diaphragm that’s designed to be more robust than conventional mylar alternatives. The OCC7’s filter fabric is intended to foster a constant broadband cancellation for added attenuation of sound coming from the sides and rear.

The capsule and transformerless output are also designed to give the CC8 exceptional linear frequency response. It is stated to be capable of handling sound pressure levels of up to 156 dB SPL without distortion. Combined with stated self-noise of only 16 dB SPL (A), the result is higher dynamic range.

The new mic also carries a built-in switchable attenuation of 0 dB, -10 dB, and -20 dB so that it can be positioned very close to loud sound sources such as trumpets without added distortion. Rumble and impact noise are also lowered dramatically with the switchable high-pass filter (60 Hz 2nd order, 120 Hz 2nd order).

The CC8 is hand-built in Vienna. Before leaving the factory, each microphone is measured and tuned (in a special in-house anechoic chamber) to a maximum tolerance of +/- 0.5 dB sensitivity at 1 kHz. This means that any CC8 can be match-paired with any other regardless of their production dates.

Prices and availability:

Europa — €399 (MSRP, incl. VAT), starting October
UK — £359 (MSRP, incl. VAT)
USA & Asia — $479 (VAT not included), starting November

CC8 Stereo Set
Europa — €799 (MSRP, incl. VAT), starting Oktober
UK — £719 (MSRP, incl. VAT)
USA & Asia — $949 (VAT not included), starting November

Content Stereo Set
2 x CC8 microphones
2 x OCH8 mic-clips
2 x CCW8 windscreens
1 carrying case
1 stereo bar

Austrian Audio

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