NEXO Launches New ePS Range Of Installation Loudspeakers

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Audio, News, Production

NEXO has unveiled the new ePS Series of loudspeakers for installation applications, comprised of three 2-way passive models (ePS 6, ePS 8 and ePS 10) joined by two partner sub bass units to form a new “utility” range.

Drawing on 25 years of the legacy of the PS Series, the new range offers slimmed-down connection and mounting options while taking advantage of new manufacturing techniques and driver design in meeting budget-friendly price points.

The 2-way models are housed in compact trapezoidal-shaped Baltic birch enclosures with steel grilles offering IP54 (and IP55) certified weather resistance. Options include 6-, 8-, and 10-inch iterations, each with a 1.4-inch compression driver working the NEXO’s proprietary rotatable horn design.

They’re compact and light in weight; for example, the largest model, the ePS 10, weighs 32.6 pounds and measures 20.9 x 12.5 x 11.1 inches (H x W x D). Stated peak SPL ranges from 125 dB to 130 dB.

Cabinets are fitted with a hard-wired strip for connection, offering generic 2 x 7 mm pitch in/out screw connectors. An IP cover protects the connectors from moisture in outdoor applications. On each side of the cabinet, two M6 with 80 mm pitch and one M10 fitting allow connection to a U Bracket, bumper or eye bolts.

The back is fitted with 3 x M6 with 70 mm pitch for wall mounting in both horizontal and vertical positions. All units are finished in black structural paint (white and all other RAL colors are available to order), with a UV-resistant acoustic fabric stretched over the front grille.

The compansion sub bass cabinets (eLS) — the single 12-inch eLS400 and single 15-inch eLS600 — match the aesthetic of the full-range models and can be stacked or flown. The width and height dimensions of the rectangular subs matches their partner main cabinets, with a dedicated accessory allowing the full-range models to be flown beneath the subwoofers.

Two M10 fittings connect the eLS600 to a U bracket, eye-bolts or dedicated accessories. Unused M10 fittings can be used for extra rigging points in areas where legislation requires it. Rear connection is via two (in/out) pairs of screws terminal blocks, while the included IP cover protects the connectors from moisture in outdoor applications.


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