Audinate Dante AV Now Available With New Products From BOLIN Technology & Patton Electronics

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Audio, News, Production

Audinate has announced that Dante AV is now available as part of new products from BOLIN Technology and Patton Electronics, making them the first commercially available offerings in the Dante AV video-over-IP networking platform.

The new offerings can be ordered from the BOLIN and Patton websites. Dante AV allows manufacturers to add networked video to the Dante audio-over-IP platform.

“Today’s announcements from Bolin Technology and Patton Electronics bring the reality of easily managed AV-over-IP to life,” says Aidan Williams, CEO of Audinate. “Complete networked AV systems can now be deployed over 1 Gbps networks with the no-nonsense compatibility, automatic discovery, and one-click signal routing that have made Dante audio the most popular AV networking solution in the world.”

BOLIN Technology, which designs and manufactures high-quality Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras, is now shipping its new D-series PTZ cameras with Dante AV. The D-series is available in both HD and 4K resolutions, and are suited for use in applications that include live production, houses of worship, corporate conferencing, higher education, and broadcast. Go here to find out more and purchase.

“With Dante AV, BOLIN is combining 4K60 video, impressively smooth pan, tilt, zoom movement, and extremely low latency with the easy interoperability that Dante is famous for,” states Jennifer Lee, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bolin Technology. “With Dante AV we know our solutions will integrate seamlessly with existing products and deliver professional audio and video over standard 1 Gbps networks. This gives us the confidence to continue offering the very best visual solutions in the world of video-over-IP technology.”

Patton Electronics, a U.S.-based manufacturer and OEM/ODM supplier of networking and connectivity for pro AV and telephony, is now shipping its FPX6000 series of Dante AV-enabled encoders and decoders. This brings network gateways to non-networked AV products such as cameras, monitors, and video editing stations. Go here to find out more and purchase.

“We’re very excited about using the power of Dante AV to develop products the pro AV market craves,” says Buddy Oliver, VP Product Management at Patton. “Patton has worked in everything-over-IP solutions for many years and adding Dante AV to our capabilities makes sense both from a technical standpoint and for our customers. We can’t wait to see the new experiences that Dante AV enables.”

Audinate states that there are many more manufacturers licensing the technology and actively developing products to add to the interoperable Dante AV ecosystem. Dante AV development kits are available to all interested manufacturers, and are designed to foster interoperability with the more than 3,000 Dante-enabled audio products already on the market. Interested manufacturers can find out more here.


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