Projector VS Videowalls for Worship

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Production, Video

Many church lighting systems are much brighter than they used to be. As a result, projection screens are fighting harder to be as effective with the added light.

Professional Lighting Designer Bob Mentele discusses how LED videowalls can help solve this dilemma. Videowalls provide a more intense and saturated image that can win the battle over the brighter lights.

Think of it this way: a projector creates a beam of light that reflects onto a projection surface. Consequently, light intensity is lost along the way. LED videowalls are made up of LED pixels. Each pixel is a source of light that can “offset the intensity of the lighting onstage much easier than a single projector,” says Mentele.

Additional Benefits

With videowalls, you’re looking directly at a display instead of at the reflection of an image. There’s also more control over the intensity and dynamic images that can be displayed.

Finally, videowalls have more flexibility in their design capabilities. “They can also be economically created much larger than a projector. Projectors at this point are fairly limited in size and brightness. An LED videowall can be made any size you want, as long as your budget allows it.”

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