Florida Church Utilizing DiGiCo To Keep Up With Exponential Growth

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Founded in 2015, VOUS Church in Miami has grown rapidly, expanding into a 1,500-seat auditorium at iTech, Miami’s technology magnet high school, that was recently outfitted with a new DiGiCo Quantum338 digital console in a project directed by the local shop of 3G Productions.

The church, which launched five years ago out of a weekly young adult gathering known as The Rendezvous started by Trinity Church in Miami Gardens, also hosts services at a 500-seat hall at Jose De Diego middle school two miles to the south of the auditorium, accompanied by extensive growth during the pandemic to an average of 40,000 viewers streaming services online each week.

VOUS Church Production Coordinator Jon Wygant oversees all church sound, both live and studio, as well as personnel and inventory for the production department. He served on the launch team in 2015 and since then has been tasked with managing the audio tech.

“We’ve had a DiGiCo SD9 at each of our locations from the start, and I absolutely love them,” Wygant says. “The SD9 is still a powerhouse for such a small desk, but as we made plans late last year to take our services into an online experience, we decided to upgrade to a console that would better suit our broadcast site’s future needs. As the primary engineer here, I definitely spend the most time behind the mixing console, and I knew I wanted another DiGiCo. For ease of use, high-quality sound, and cross-console capability, there’s nothing better. I was initially hoping for something between an SD12 and SD5, so when DiGiCo announced the Q338 in January, it was destiny.”

The view from VOUS Church’s stage just prior to a Zoom Room service.

Wygant adds that the biggest advantage of the Quantum338 are its expansive I/O—including six onboard MADI ports and two DMI slots—as well as its updated layout and usability. “We have a pretty extensive setup and also want room to grow and the Q338 was sitting right in that sweet spot. Mixing on this desk is a dream and just so intuitive to operate,” he states.

With VOUS Church’s services now primarily being online, aside from several live in-person events, the iTech auditorium’s Quantum338 serves more as the church’s streaming console than front of house desk and is isolated in a separate room “to keep the mix focused and clean,” Wygant notes. The pre-existing SD9 has now taken over monitor duties, residing in the main worship space for easy interaction with the praise team, and is used to control all IEMs, wedges, and the house/reference mix. With approximately 60 inputs coming into the house console, the church generally runs 16 different IEMs on the monitor mixer—for drums, bass, two guitarists, two keyboardists, up to eight singers, and two engineers—plus two sets of wedges, which are primarily used for those who are speaking.

iTech’s Quantum338 is paired with two Waves Extreme Servers, the first one being a standard setup to run plugins for the live mix. The second is to run a Waves eMotion LV1, to which the audio crew sends matrices and some input channels via Dante from the Q338 to create a stream-specific mix. This is based on the house mix with some adjustments to optimize it for the church’s four YouTube and Facebook broadcasts on Sunday, two of which are “Zoom Room” services where the pastors and musicians can see and interact with their online community via eight large TVs facing the stage.

“Mixing for streaming is always a challenge since it can translate differently with each end user, but the Q338 is definitely making our lives a lot easier,” Wygant says. “I enjoy bringing some of the same plugins that I love in the studio into the live setting, and the desk’s integration with Waves is helping us get our mix to be truly stream-friendly and sound the best for everyone.

“That being said, I do also really love the console’s onboard processing,” he continues. “The dynamic EQs are some of my favorite features as they really allow me to aggressively clean up signals while still sounding transparent. On the Quantum line, I’m in love with the Chilli 6 and will always have one on my master bus as well as a few groups. The Mustard processing is also a game-changer, especially with the analog modeled preamps and compressors.”

The church is using DiGiCo D-Racks and Little Blue Boxes to interface with both consoles. The SD9 has control of the preamps and outputs, and the team uses Gain Tracking on the Q338, which is equipped with a DMI-Dante card, to output to the LV1. VOUS also has a DMI-ADC card in an Orange Box located by the monitor console, enabling them to send 16 additional outputs to the stage from the Q338, while two DiGiGrid MGB units provide fully redundant multitrack recording.

Wygant notes that the Quantum338 learning curve for the team was “really short. Having personally mixed on many SD-Range consoles, going from one DiGiCo to another is so easy since the worksurface layout essentially remains the same. Plus, 3G, who has been our main pro audio vendor from the start, always provides exceptional system design and installation assistance as well as training and support, bringing us up to speed super-fast. They’ve been fantastic to work with.”


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