Preparing Your Venue And Facility For Re-Opening After COVID-19 Closures

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In conjunction with the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT), the National Association of Church Facilities Managers (NACFM) and Smart Church Solutions, CFX is facilitating a conversation to address preparing venues, churches and performance venues to re-open.

The session will outline practices that can take place to create safe and sanitized environment during the shut down.  Attendees will be able to take away a modifiable check list for your own space’s cleaning; both now and to create future procedures to maintain safety in the “New Normal”


Patrick Hart

Executive Director NACFM

Bryan Huneycutt

President & CEO

HuneyBadger Entertainment Consulting

Nathan Parr

Facility Specialist Smart Church Solutions


Event Safety Alliance

The event Safety Alliance has created re-opening guidlines

Smart Church Solutions

Smart Church Solutions has created facility checklists for re-opening and maintaining safe environments

Global Biorisk Advisory Council

The GBAC has created a certification program for spaces to certify compliance related to COVID-19

Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA has posted disinfectants to use against Corona Viruses

Microphone Sanitation Tips

Point Source Audio, in conjunction with USITT, created a webinar on microphone santitaiton with Worship Pastor Joe Cota.

Social Distancing and the Law

The Event Safety Alliance’s Steve Adelman, in conjunction with USITT, created a webinar on the legal implications regarding social distancing.

Re-Opening Case Study

Fellowship Church in Texas recently re-opened and created this webinar to discuss their findings and how they adjusted to re-opening in the new normal.

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