Preserving & Facilitating Mental Health Healing During COVID-19

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During these uncertain times, mental health is needed now more than ever. Join Colleen Slade and Jonathan Woodall as they address the impact of COVID-19 and how to preserve the life of local churches by creating Mental Health Awareness and Facilitating Mental Health Healing during this global pandemic.


Jonathan Woodall

Jonathan grew up in Western Pennsylvania, received his BA in Religious Education from Rochester College in Michigan, his MA in Homiletics from Harding School of Theology in Memphis, and his PhD in Communication from the University of Memphis. He has served churches in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Tennessee and most recently worked with a campus ministry at the University of Memphis named SomaMemphis. Jonathan is married to Hayley and they have a daughter and a son. Jonathan serves Gracepointe as the Lead Minister and his main tasks are preaching, teaching, and visioning.

Colleen Slade

Colleen Slade holds a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from University of Phoenix, Utah, ground campus and is a licensed professional teacher with an endorsement in Special Education, mild moderate. After serving her country as a military chaplain’s wife for 20 years, teaching Women’s Bible studies, leading youth, and supporting military family readiness, she established a permanent residence near her 3 children and 7 grandchildren in Elizabethtown, PA, where she counseled clients struggling with addictions at the Naaman Center, served on the Elizabethtown Area Communities That Care board, mentored failing students in Etown Middle School, and provided pro bono counseling and Life Coaching for members of local churches. In 2013 she founded Cobb Salad Ministries, which continues today reaching out to overcoming women and providing them a platform to tell their stories. She is temporarily residing in Salisbury, MD, caring for her parents.


What is spiritual discipline?
“How to Fast” by Jentezen Franklin
“Life,” “Soul,” ” Mind,” “Heart”, and “Spirit” By Gary Beck
“A Healing Body” by Dr. Henry Cloud
Self Care Assesment Worksheet
Christian Disciplines by Andrea Sterk
Christians in the Time of Corona Virus” by Dan Darling

Lead congregants in Living on the Edge with Chip Engram, Daily Discipleship video series, “Growing Deeper Together”

Online series on fear such as “10 Real Fears Surrounding COVID-19 and How God Answers Them All” by Kathryn Graves, Crosswalk Contributing Writer

Researcher, Brene Brown, in her Ted Talk on Vulnerability

“So Long Insecurity” by Beth Moore

Wear your portraits on your clothes like the doctors and nurses are doing tosupport research that a warm and competent provider improves outcomes. (CatiBrown-Johnson, Research Scientist, Stanford University School of Medicine,Quotations from Transcript)

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