Clear Tune Monitors Debuts Da Vinci VIII Infinito

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Clear Tune Monitors (CTM) has introduced its latest custom IEM model, the Da Vinci VIII Infinito. The Da Vinci Infinito is the third model in the elite, top-of-the-line Da Vinci series. Crafted with an array of eight balanced armature drivers, this exceptional monitor delivers pristine clarity while infusing warmth into the deepest sounds and adding body to the most subtle nuances. From Latin jazz to native, from classical to urban, the Da Vinci Infinito offers a rich portrayal of the frequency spectrum with astonishing definition, making it an invaluable tool for high-demanding musicians, music lovers, and audiophiles.

“The Da Vinci Infinito is a testament to our pursuit of sonic excellence,” said CTM CEO and founder Cesar Milano. “Our main goal was to unlock a new universe of nuances and details and we believe we have achieved that. When you experience this model, you’ll understand why we state the Da Vinci Infinito – meaning ‘infinite’ in Italian – unveils a new dimension of sound.”

Like its counterparts, Da Vinci IX and Da Vinci X, the Da Vinci VIII Infinito comes with CTM’s premium cable – in this case the Jokoma-4, a two-pin OFC braided cable – known for its low-frequency conduction properties which fully enhances the driver’s performance.

As with every other Clear Tune Monitors IEM, the Da Vinci Infinito features the WISE element, meticulously designed to integrate all crucial elements and reproduce the brand’s unique signature sound.

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About Clear Tune Monitors

Clear Tune Monitors (CTM) is an Orlando, FL-based designer and manufacturer of audiophile-grade in-ear monitors for professional musicians, mixing engineers, and demanding music lovers who consider rock-solid sonics an essential part of any listening experience. President and founder Cesar Milano, a former professional musician and sound engineer producer, established CTM in 2010 to satisfy the needs of listeners who believe that exceptional audio should be available at reasonable prices. 

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