StageStrike Offers Solution for Wireless Mics and Packs

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Every once in a while, a product comes along that combines the designer’s savvy knowledge of the market, the right application, and a new-found throng of customers – industry veterans and newbies alike – saying, “Why didn’t someone think of this before?” Making its debut at the Winter NAMM show, StageStrike, a new company formed by Castor Milano, came out swinging.

Headquartered in Orlando FL, StageStrike manufactures a product line of modular, stackable, inter-lockable organization systems for wireless packs and handheld microphones that provide solutions for organizing and improving workflow for both touring and corporate live sound operators. The system consists of the MiQb and the packHolder, patent pending stands and holders sourced from industrial 3D printing technology which allow for fast product development cycles as well as user feedback generated updates.

Company owner Castor Milano is an industry veteran who created the StageStrike system by, in his words, stepping out of his comfort zone which is predominately FOH mixing. Milano still has a foot in the in-ear monitoring world having designed the Da Vinci Series IEM’s for Clear Tune Monitors. Regarding the reception of the StageStrike products he says, “I was blown away by the reaction and interest at NAMM. We received orders from touring productions as well as major corporate rental houses.”

Christian Media Group, Inc. (CMG) is a full-service production company based in Miami FL, specializing in the fields of large-scale audio visual services, corporate events, film & television production and live webcasting & broadcasting. Company CEO Jeronimo Terife stated, “StageStrike’s modular audio equipment management system has been a game-changer for CMG. With its versatile design, we can effortlessly customize layouts for various projects, optimizing space and accessibility. The 3D printed audio equipment is impressive with its precision design, durable build and versatile adaptability, offering our technical team a compact work space that always looks neat and organized and also creates a good impression with our clients.”

In the live sound touring world, Eddie Caipo, has been an early and avid adopter of the StageStrike products. He currently utilizes eleven body pack holders and two MiQb stands stating, “Keeping my monitor world organized used to be a struggle. But now, with MiQbs and packHolders from StageStrike, my world is much more organized and neat.”

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