RF Venue® Offers “Find An Integrator” Online Tool

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RF Venue®, a global leader in essential RF accessories for wireless audio, relies on reaching end users via its global network of authorized dealers, distributors and system integrators. A new specialized online tool now helps make connections even easier.

On RF Venue’s “Where to Buy” portal, customers can fill in their email and address to get connected with a list of U.S. installers and integrators in their area who can help guide them throughout their project. The recommended professionals have all been vetted by RF Venue to be extremely knowledgeable on the subject of wireless technology and RF interference. Armed with expert support in selecting the right RF solutions from RF Venue’s extensive catalog and in the optimal application of those solutions, end-users can maximize the performance of their wireless microphone or in-ear monitor (IEM) systems and eliminate dropouts.

Aside from the “Find An Integrator” tool, the “Where to Buy” page includes a list of authorized dealers and third-party manufacturer distribution partners in the U.S. and abroad. International customers can contact RF Venue directly for system configuration assistance.

“We design and build specialized antennas and distribution to make wireless mics and IEMs work and sound better,” remarks Chris Regan, RF Venue Chief Innovation Officer. “Our “Where to Buy” page connects users of our unique solutions to our select and vetted global network of authorized dealers, distributors, and system integrators. That capability is expanded with the new ‘Find An Integrator’ tool. Straightforward and user-friendly, ‘Find An Integrator’ is an easy way to connect end users with answers to their wireless questions and simultaneously promote our valued dealer partners. We’re proud to support our global network of customers and thank them for partnering with RF Venue.”

About RF Venue

RF Venue, Inc. is an innovative and fast-growing developer and manufacturer of patented antenna and RF communications products headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The company’s mission is to help anyone with wireless microphones or in-ear monitors (IEMs) communicate reliably without the distraction of signal dropouts or interference. RF Venue provides high-quality affordable aftermarket antenna and accessory solutions to improve the performance of any manufacturer’s wireless mic and IEM systems. Markets include houses of worship, schools, business venues and performance spaces worldwide. RF Venue is known for its highly successful CP Beam™, CP Architectural™, RF Spotlight™, Diversity Omni™, Diversity Architectural™ and Diversity Fin® antennas, along with other RF products. Visit rfvenue.com to learn more.

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