Unlocking the Potential of Your Church Building

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Investing in and caring for your facilities is not just about maintaining a building; it’s about ensuring that your ministry remains a vibrant and effective force for positive change in the lives of its members and the community it serves. The complexities of managing your existing building or planning for an expansion or remodel project is often uncharted territory for church and Christian school leaders. From balancing financial constraints with evolving space needs to managing deferred maintenance priorities and infrastructure issues, the challenges can seem overwhelming. 

If you’re looking for expert guidance and innovative solutions to your facility challenges, the Building God’s Way Seminar is for you! Join us for an inspiring day of knowledge-sharing and collaboration as we bring together industry experts to address key facility challenges that churches and Christian schools are facing. Learn how to unlock the potential of your building, foster growth and create a safe environment that inspires and nurtures. 

This transformative event is designed to empower churches and Christian schools with innovative and stewardship-driven facility solutions. Whether you’re looking to solve challenges with your existing building or you have a need to expand or remodel, this seminar has something for every church and Christian school leader. Explore cutting-edge ideas and strategies to enhance your place of worship or education. Discover the latest trends and engage in insightful discussions with industry experts in faith-based architecture, construction, fundraising, financing, security & safety, facility management, technology, strategic planning and more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, network with other like-minded leaders and gain valuable insights that will help you create an environment that reflects your faith and values.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Key Trends & Changes in Church & Christian School Facility Design 
  • Accelerating Generosity to Fund Your God-Inspired Vision 
  • Assessing your Financial Capacity for a Building Project 
  • Facility Stewardship – Evaluating & Sustaining Your Building for Optimal Health, Efficiency, and Longevity
  • Building God’s Way vs. Building the World’s Way  
  • Aligning Facility Design with Brand Identity 
  • Innovative & Cost-Effective Audio, Video & Lighting Technology 
  • Facility Safety & Security – Empowering your staff and preparing your organization for unforeseen emergencies. 
  • Childcare Centers in Churches: A Financially Sustainable Ministry Opportunity.

Join us and become part of a community dedicated to elevating facilities for churches and Christian schools. Mark your calendar and join us at a Building God’s Way Seminar this spring! If you are not within driving distance of one of these events, you can also sign up to receive a video recording of the seminar.


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