ACT Entertainment Unveils New Lava Cable Branding

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ACT Entertainment, the industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of live performance and music equipment, has announced that its Lava Cable brand will have an entirely new look. While the products, which are designed to improve tone, functionality and durability, will remain the same, the brand’s logo, packaging and marketing materials will be enhanced to showcase its position as a boutique audio solution.

Since its inception in 2004, Lava Cable has been known for providing innovative cable, plug and accessory products, such as its pedal board kits. Lava Cable grew from a love for music, good tone and the desire to produce innovative cable solutions using top-of-the-line America-made materials. The result: a product line with standard, premium and studio-quality solutions, and a patented DC power plug, for everyone from house musicians to major recording artists. These features gave the brand a reputation for high quality in the music industry.

ACT Entertainment, which acquired Lava Cable in 2019 under RHC Holdings, aims to honor the company’s history by revamping the brand with a 21st century look that will appeal to professionals. “Lava Cable has always been a top-of-the-line brand, and now its packaging will make it look as good as it sounds,” says Shawn Wells, ACT Entertainment Market Manager: Pro A/V & Artist Relations. “Bringing Lava into our roster helped us expand our product offerings to a greater share of musicians, engineers and audio aficionados, and these updates are a way for us to showcase our appreciation for its position in the industry.”

Among Lava Cable’s most well-known solutions are the Tightrope cables and solder-free DC kits, which deliver superior signal transfer with easy, reliable assembly, and are used on thousands of pedal boards around the world.

The Lava Cable brand redesign is just one of the many ways ACT Entertainment is enhancing its image this year. The company, which earlier this month unveiled a new corporate logo of its own, has acquired several leading brands that have expanded its reach into new markets, and aims to launch a new website that will bring all its solutions under one umbrella.

About ACT Entertainment

ACT Entertainment is North America’s leading supplier of the entertainment industry’s principal products to professionals across six different end markets, including Professional Lighting and Control Equipment; Audio, Video, Fiber and Power Distribution; Cables; Connectivity; Metalwork; Custom Manufacturing; and Design. For more information go to

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