The Tron Shop Launches Groundbreaking Third-Party Extended Warranties to Entertainment Industry

by | May 27, 2021 | Audio, Leadership, Lighting, News, Production

Specialized Company Created to Serve Missing Industry Need

May 27, 2021, Columbia, MD: Today, The Tron Shop, a third-party warranty and used sale certification company specializing in making entertainment lighting gear live longer, announced the launch of its groundbreaking product and service offering. After seeing the popularity of extended warranty offerings in the tech, vehicle, and electronics industries, The Tron Shop saw a gaping hole in the post-purchase marketplace within the entertainment lighting industry that needed to be filled.

Starting in the summer of 2021, customers will be able to obtain extended warranties at the point of purchase with their dealer or directly from The Tron Shop after the sale. Those interested in purchasing or selling now can contact The Tron Shop at to inquire prior to official launch.

Of the company’s creation, The Tron Shop President Scott Wasserberg said, “When buying new equipment, customers focus on the make, model, and purchase cost; they are often not considering the future maintenance and repairs necessary to keep their fixtures in good working order. Our extended warranties answer the unsaid buyer’s question, ‘How long will this last me?’ The services provided by The Tron Shop will provide ways to prolong gear usage, which in turn can provide ongoing cost savings, extend equipment life, and provide a value add that will increase future used sale price points.”

Costs on all product and service offerings will be based upon the purchase or sell price, or the gear, and priced on application. Warranties are offered on lighting fixtures, atmospheric equipment, control systems, and power control systems. Contact your preferred dealer for a list of The Tron Shop covered manufacturers.

Features customers will expect are:

  • Two-year extended warranty increments, running consecutively to manufacturers’ warranties, with a seven-year max total warranty from date of manufacture
  • Third-party unbiased verification of used equipment condition, with an extended warranty included, depending upon the age and the condition of the fixture
  • A better way for end-users to predict future repair costs
  • Peace of mind that equipment can last for years to come

About The Tron Shop: The Tron Shop is the first extended warranty and used sale certification company for entertainment lighting products based in Columbia, MD. Founded in 2021, The Tron Shop was established to solve a need in the entertainment lighting industry that has been well-established for vehicle, electronic, and consumer tech products. You can visit them at or email them at or call them at 800.615.1182.

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