Bluefin International Unveils the Future of Digital Signage with the Flex-OS Series

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Bluefin International, a leading innovator in digital signage display solutions, announced the launch of its new Flex-OS series. This exciting line of products offers a perfect blend of advanced technology, seamless performance, and a flexible design, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Flex-OS series to our portfolio available in a range of displays from 27” to 55” plus our popular line of Ultrawide displays,” said Frank Pisano, CEO at Bluefin International. “This innovative solution combines our commitment to quality and reliability with the power of integrating the top digital signage OS platforms, creating a truly exceptional digital signage experience.”

Key features of the Flex-OS series include:

  • High-quality components featuring a sleek and modern thin-bezel design that delivers stunning visuals and reliable performance. 
  • Finished housing available in a range of sizes from 27” to 55”, as well as ultrawide options from 20.9” to 49.1”. The Flex-OS series offers the perfect size for any space and is available with touch and non-touch options.
  • Your choice of integrated System on Chip (SoC) provides powerful processing capabilities, eliminating the need for additional hardware and simplifying installation. Choose from Android, BrightSign, or Linux
  • Flex-OS series offers a future-proof HDMI override that provides flexibility to use an external device connected to your display, ensuring compatibility as future technologies improve. The HDMI input allows for easy connection to a variety of devices, making it easy to display content from any source.
  • Flexible inventory offerings. Bluefin stocks the core Flex-OS displays and offers light assembly in Georgia for a variety of operating systems including Android, Linux and BrightSign, or simply use the HDMI for maximum flexibility. In-stock and ready to ship now. 
  • The Flex-OS series can come pre-loaded with BrightSign software, providing users with a powerful and easy-to-use platform for creating and managing their digital signage content.

The Flex-OS series caters to a diverse range of applications, serving as an ideal solution for various industries. In the retail sector, it excels in engaging customers through visually appealing displays featuring thin bezels and dynamic content. Corporate offices benefit from improved communication and collaboration facilitated by informative signage. In healthcare, the series contributes to creating interactive displays that enhance patient experiences. In the hospitality industry, it effectively welcomes guests and disseminates information about services. Additionally, it proves valuable in education, sports and entertainment, public venues, transportation, manufacturing, and other sectors, showcasing its versatility across many sectors. With its comprehensive features, versatile design, and future-proof capabilities, the Flex-OS series is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to enhance their digital signage experience.

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