Why Churches Need Digital Signage

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Have you ever been in a building and seen a list of events or announcements on a TV monitor or other device? Maybe even something as simple as the WiFi password or an inspirational quote? For many first-time guests, digital signage makes a first impression. But, why digital signage? What about a bulletin?

In short, it is because we live in a digital world, now more than ever. Here are some of the benefits of integrating digital signage on your campus:

Engage Your Audience with Announcements On-the-Fly

The traditional method of designing, printing, and hanging new posters for your event is time-consuming for your creative team. Digital signage will allow you to deliver intentional communications with less effort.

Updating content, appearance, and messaging is also effortless with digital signage. Some digital signage solutions even have the capability to modify displays from your mobile device.

Create Digital Room Signage

Another great feature many digital signage companies will offer is dynamic room signage. This allows people to directly book an event on the display (think of an iPad or tablet).

Installed in St. Andrews Church in Mount Pleasant SC by Performance Technology Group

A huge benefit of Event Management software is integration. For instance, when software integrates with a digital signage component, you can see if a room is available in real-time by walking up to it.

Using this method for rooms will also help track the room’s usage, so you can run an accurate report to see how much it has been used. (We know some events don’t always make it on the calendar, so a quick event at the room can solve this).

Additionally, you can also require employees to use a PIN to access the software to book rooms. This is a great way to track how often people use rooms, even if it was not put on the calendar.

Save Time and Paper Updating Events Weekly

If you don’t use digital signage already, it is likely your team spends a lot of time updating your event calendar. Posters, banners, the bulletin — you could save a lot of time (and paper) by switching to digital.

Once an event is approved on your church’s calendar, it will automatically feed into the proper digital signage displays based on the event’s room. If there are any last-minute cancellations or room changes, you do not need to worry about changing printed material. Instead, digital signage will update your events automatically. Now, isn’t that helpful?

As noted, this can also be used for any announcements, emergencies, or seasonal messages. Anything you would print and hang around the facility can definitely be digital and modified right from your desk.

Encourage Online and Social Media Engagement

As one of your key methods of communication, social media campaigns should be front and center. A great way to boost visibility and encourage engagement is to showcase your social media posts around your campus using digital signage.

What a great way to connect with first time guests who have their eyes fixated on your digital signage trying to find their event. This is also an efficient way to not only increase activity but to minister and share the Good News!

Create an Unforgettable First Impression

The second a first-time guest walks through your doors, you have just a few seconds to make a first impression.

Let’s be honest: buildings that have digital signage telling you where to go, what is going on, or even the WiFi password, produce a sense of comfort and professionalism. On the flip side, a building with a handwritten banner that may or may not be out of date does not produce the same sense of comfort and professionalism.

Therefore, it’s important to ask yourselves what first-impressions may be perceived by the signage in your building.

In Conclusion

Digital signs may feel like an investment, but with eSPACE’s solution, we will not make you purchase specific hardware, monitors, or anything along those lines. We simply provide a URL you can plug into any device. Easy.

This route is worth the investment, and I am confident you will begin making strong impressions in no-time, all while saving your staff’s time and therefore money.

Tim Cool is the founder of Smart Church Solutions.

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