Building a New Synagogue for Brooklyn’s Kosev Congregation

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The Project

Brooklyn-based Kosev Congregation contracted commercial and worship architecture firm IMC Architecture to design a prominent Jewish cultural institution in Brooklyn. Specifically, they wanted to build a new synagogue to accommodate:

  • 300+ visitors
  • a series of exclusive-feeling ritual bathing facilities and educational spaces
  • a string of ancillary support spaces for the new religious institute.

The Challenges

The synagogue needed to be an open, unobstructed space full of natural light. Coordinating the space was a challenge because of limited height parameters, and the large-scale structural and mechanical components needed to achieve and service the space. Great acoustic performance was a must, as was a clean and luxurious interior feel. Relevant regulatory requirements had to be reviewed, assessed, and applied quickly for the public space, particularly the bathing facilities in the cellar.

How the project was completed

By maintaining clear and constant communication with the Kosev Shul Community and the owner’s representative, IMC delivered a double-height mezzanine solution for the synagogue’s main space, and delivered the project on time and within budget. 

Every challenge was met head-on by working closely with all members of the design team, such as the mikveh consultant to solve the subterranean bathing area drainage solution and water harvesting system. IMC also cost-effectively designed and delivered items such as the building’s façade in harmony with:

  • Building code requirements
  • Zoning requirements such as height caps
  • The broader project ambition of providing a new local landmark for Brooklyn.

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