What You Can See at CFX 2023

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To be sure, there are a lot of things to see and do at the Church Facilities Expo. Just the sheer number of sessions on Worship Production, Security, Facilities Management, and Leadership are enough to keep you busy. But there are many more things beside that, and this year there’s more than ever.

CFX Exhibit Floor

Featuring over 180 exhibiting companies and brands, CFX presents a 360-degree display of the products and services involved with the building, managing, and operation of churches today.  Packed with manufacturers and service providers who know and understand the needs and challenges of churches, CFX attracts church teams from all across the country who are seeking answers and solutions.

Church Safety & Security Pavilion

The Church Safety & Security Pavilion on the Expo floor showcases the latest technologies and solutions in the marketplace. Participating exhibitors in the Pavilion help attendees maximize planning, keeping their churches safer. 

The Church Safety & Security Pavilion is the meeting place for church leaders with the responsibility for evaluating, assessing, and implementing protocols and technologies to make their church environments safer and more secure. 

New – Church Facility Management Pavilion

The Church Facility Management Pavilion is an Expo floor gathering place dedicated to the improvement, maintenance, and operation of church buildings and schools. 

Live Sound’s Loudspeaker Demo

Returning this year is Live Sound’s Loudspeaker Demo, which is the industry standard for experiencing and evaluating large and small format loudspeaker systems. A full sensory and educational experience, the Loudspeaker Demo gives churches an opportunity to hear audio systems side-by-side from the world’s leading loudspeaker manufacturers. If you’re considering a new sound system, you won’t want to miss Live Sound’s Loudspeaker Demo at CFX 2023.

Tuesday Networking Reception

Connect with CFX 2023 church attendees for business, as well as your fellow presenters and exhibitors from the Expo floor with some food and fellowship!  Our Networking Reception is a place to connect and find like-minded people. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet and continue the dialogue! Special announcements and prize giveaways add to this fun experience. 

Exhibitor Speaking and Teaching Opportunities

CFX Exhibitor Spotlights

Throughout each day, CFX will host a number of Exhibitor. Exhibitor Spotlights are highly focused, 25-minute educational/promotional presentations with Q&A opportunities. 

NEW – CFX Connections Stage Round Table Discussions

Discuss particular topics that help churches learn new ways to help grow their ministries, with noted experts, and people just like you, to build understanding and learn solutions that will help you all.

CFX Exhibitor Demo and Hands-On Training Rooms

Visit these dedicated rooms for small-group training and access to the latest equipment and learn new skills.

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Goff Companies
Magical Light Shows
Pittman Media Group
EDC Acoustics
Sound Productions
Meyer Sound
QSC Pro Audio | Q-Sys

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