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Each of the three days of this year’s Church Facilities Expo, to be held in Dallas October 9-11, will have a full schedule of sessions of interest to Facilities Management teams at churches of any size. The sessions, covering subjects in the areas of Facilities Improvement, Use, and Safety include:

Monday, October 9

CFX MASTERCLASS: Church Safety in the 21st Century

Building Together as a Team: Thriving Through a Construction Project or Upgrade

Preventing Violence through Effective Threat Assessment Programs: Key Components and Best Practices


Retrofit Church: How to Design, Renovate, and Build a Church that Activates Your Ministry

CFX LEADERSHIP COLLECTIVE: Staff & Volunteer Development

Tuesday, October 10

Building Usage for Engagement and Revenue Generation

Setting a Realistic Design & Construction Budget

EXHIBITOR SPOTLIGHT: Surviving an Active Violence Event: Myth vs Reality

How to Develop a Facility Stewardship Game Plan

How to Speak Pastor-ese: How to Talk to Your Pastor Who Doesn’t Understand What You Do

Protecting Your Church from a Cyberattack

Designing a Shared Campus: Church and School

Dos and Don’ts of AVL Construction Projects

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design for Houses of Worship

Financial Wellness and Retirement Planning: How to Promote and Support Stewardship for Church Employees

Microsoft 365 Productivity Tools, Tips, and Timesavers

Wednesday, October 11

IT & Production Working Together to Build Better Ministry Experiences

Master Planning for Future Growth: Begin with the End

EXHIBITOR SPOTLIGHT: Funding Upgrades & Ministry Through Vision

Building and Empowering Volunteer Teams to Get the Job Done!

Reclaiming Sanctuary: Enhancing Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Safety in our Churches

Church Placemaking 101: Exterior Property Improvements for Community Engagement

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