New CAM230 Fast & Seamless 3x Camera Switcher

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INOGENI launched the U-BRIDGE USB 2.0 extender at InfoComm 2023. Designed for cameras and all USB devices, it resolves the interoperability challenges faced by AV installers looking to achieve high-quality videoconferences with a USB 2.0 extender.

Winner of the two Best of Show awards from AV Technology and Sound and Video Contractor magazine at ISE 2023, the CAM230 is a multi-camera switcher that allows facilitators to easily switch between 2x USB 3.0/2.0 and 1x HDMI cameras, ensuring that all participants are given equal opportunities to speak and contribute to the conversation. The CAM230 also
supports bidirectional audio for videobars as well as whiteboard and document cameras, making it a valuable tool for fostering collaboration and productivity in any virtual setting. The CAM230 is cost-effective, versatile, and easy to use, making it the perfect solution for seamlessly switching between multiple cameras.

Gilles Chouinard, President and CTO of INOGENI said: “This compact and well-designed multi-camera switcher is perfect for classrooms and collaborative meetings. Building on the success of our award-winning SHARE2U mixer for two cameras and the popular CAM300 for four cameras, the CAM230 is sure to shake up the AV industry.”

Key features and benefits
The INOGENI CAM230 is a USB and HDMI multi-camera switcher that helps improve meeting equity in
virtual meetings. Ideal for remote education, collaborative meetings, webinars, and live streaming

  • 3 video source (2x USB3.0/2.0 and 1x HDMI) clean switcher into a single video flow
  • Change camera and video configurations without interrupting the presentation
  • Bidirectional audio for videobars, such as Cisco, Poly, Logitech and Bose
  • Supports whiteboard and document cameras for added collaboration and productivity, like the
    Huddly Canvas or the Logitech Scribe
  • Cost-effective, reliable, and easy to install and connect (no drivers required)
  • Compact and robust design with an aluminum enclosure
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada and TAA-compliant

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