AVer Powers Video Capture For CFX Essentials

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When you can travel and spend time at a conference, the experience can be educational, engaging and immersive. It’s made even better with video so everyone is put in the front row and can see what’s happening. Even then, as an attendee, you might not have time to make it to each presentation and can miss out on valuable content. A high-quality video production with recorded sessions can make all the difference. For show organizers, including video in show production also means having an experienced AV team, including camera operators to ensure professional video capture.

Live video streaming and recording has become the norm for houses of worship even before the pandemic that forced worshippers to attend sermons remotely. When CFW Essentials needed a video partner to help them record all sessions at their conference for church facilities, that took place April 28-29, 2003 at Christ Lutheran Church in Charlotte, NC, they turned to AVer, a sponsor of the event, and their Pro AV cameras.

The AVer TR311HWV2 auto tracking cameras provided a sophisticated yet simple Pro AV solution for the event. With its superior AI auto tracking technology, 12x optical zoom, and PoE+ support, this high-performance Pro AV PTZ camera enabled video recording sessions with precise accuracy and quality. It was an ideal choice to ensure the endless possibilities of creative control in producing engaging content. Even better, with the built-in auto tracking features, the camera could follow the presenter and multiple content areas without the need for a camera operator. The AVer TR311HWV2 also offered hassle-free setup for the local AV team and seamless integration with other AV equipment, making it a top pick for AV production teams and houses of worship looking for reliable video solutions. Its easy operation further enhanced the overall user experience.

“We were thrilled to have AVer Pro AV cameras to capture video from all of our sessions during the CFX Essentials conference!” said Stephanie Lippi, Conference Manager, Church Facilities Conference & Expo. “The ability to have auto tracking cameras at a conference saved us the expense of camera operators and allowed all attendees the opportunity to experience every session at CFX Essentials.”

Churches and other live event facilities should look no further than the AVer Pro AV cameras for their quality video productions whether live streaming or video recording.  These cameras are the perfect choice for a successful live streaming and hassle-free auto tracking to capture every moment of any ceremony in vivid clarity.  

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