Audio-Technica Exhibits New Engineered Sound® Wireless system

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Audio-Technica, a leading innovator in transducer technology for over 60 years, is introducing its Engineered Sound® Wireless system, a recent addition to its range of commercial audio products. The new Engineered Sound Wireless system was created in response to the increasing demand for wireless microphone solutions for video- and web-conferencing. Audio-Technica’s Engineered Sound Wireless system is a DECT-based wireless solution that offers simple, smart, and scalable high-quality audio. This system addresses many challenges of conventional wireless microphones, such as frequency coordination and the limited number of available microphone channels.

Operation is incredibly easy for end users, with microphones ready to use by simply removing them from the charging station. At full charge, the batteries offer best in class all-day operation. Installation is also made easy using PoE to power the receiver(s) and Dante audio outputs. System integrators can configure detailed settings to meet a wide variety of end-user needs via Audio-Technica’s Wireless Manager software, which is capable of managing multiple wireless systems, including UHF wireless systems, from a single screen. The Engineered Sound Wireless System is scalable up to 96 channels with wiring as simple as connecting a single Cat 5e cable per receiver to a PoE network switch. In addition, AES256 encryption comes standard, providing superior security.

The new system is composed of the ESW-R4180DAN 8-channel Dante®-enabled receiver and a choice of four transmitters to suit a wide variety of applications – the ESW-T4101 bodypack with a built-in microphone, ESW-T4102/C510 handheld, ESW-T4106 boundary microphone, and ESW-T4107 desk stand.

The transmitter options each feature lithium-ion batteries for all-day operation on a single charge – – charging stations are available using the ESW-CHG4 two-bay body-pack and handheld charging station and the ESW-CHG5 four-bay desk stand and boundary charging station. The charging stations provide full power recharge in as little as two hours and multiple units can be linked (up to four ESW-CHG4 or two ESW-CHG5) with one AC adaptor and Cat 5e cable.

Individual component key features:

ESW-R4180DAN 8-channel Receiver

  • Low-profile white housing blends in with interior décor
  • Onboard LEDs verify link status at a glance
  • Included mounting brackets adjust to fit a variety of mounting methods
  • A standard Cat 5e cable supplies 8-channel Dante audio outputs
  • Dual network ports allow Dante and IP control separation
  • Supports mixed output for situations with limited input channels
  • High-pass filtering and volume for each channel
  • Monitor transmitter status, audio level, remaining battery time, and other information in A-T Wireless Manager

ESW-T4101 Body-Pack Transmitter

  • Built-in high-quality microphone
  • Simple single-button operation
  • Lightweight design
  • Transmitter neck strap included
  • Compact, sweat-resistant cH-type connectors for use with a variety of Audio-Technica microphones

ESW-T4102/C510 Handheld Transmitter

  • Comes equipped with cardioid dynamic capsule (ATW-C510)
  • Slide-to-mute switch
  • Robust metal design
  • Compatible with a wide array of interchangeable Audio-Technica wireless microphone capsules

ESW-T4106 Boundary Microphone Transmitter

  • Selectable omnidirectional and unidirectional polar patterns
  • 2-state RGB LED mute status indicator (7 selectable colors or off)
  • Transmitter can be used while charging via USB-C type connection
  • Selectable mute operation (toggle, touch-to-talk, or touch-to-mute)
  • Transmitter can be set to start either muted or unmuted

ESW-T4107 Desk Stand Transmitter

  • Compatible with ES925 Series gooseneck microphones
  • 2-state RGB LED mute status indicator (7 selectable colors or off)
  • Transmitter can be used while charging via USB-C type connection
  • Selectable mute operation (toggle, touch-to-talk, or touch-to-mute)
  • Transmitter can be set to start either muted or unmuted

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