XTEN-AV Launches a Ground-Breaking New VR Solution: X-VRSE

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XTEN-AV, the pioneer software in automation of AV design completely over the cloud, has announced the launch of yet another product to revolutionize design and sales in the AV industry. X-VRSE, by XTEN-AV, is a VR solution that allows users to design and visualize their spaces using virtual reality, as an immersive experience.

After integrating automation and cloud computing into its platform, XTEN-AV is now introducing VR into design and sales processes to create a new benchmark for the AV industry. X-VRSE lets users enter into and explore their spaces using an interactive VR platform.

The rich technology of X-VRSE allows users to add, alter and customize the products and aesthetics of the room while witnessing all of it, in front of them, in the X-VRSE environment. With a range of room options, users can simulate Meeting rooms, Classrooms, Immersive rooms, etc., using X-VRSE. A real-life experience of any room that you may design!

Device coverages, sitelines, sound pressure levels can be visualized, enabling users to change or reposition their devices, choosing the right product for the right environment. Additionally, X-VRSE lets users “Bring their own Rooms”, 3D renders made in tools like Revit and Google sketchup and visualize them in X-VRSE VR environment.
And that’s not all! X-VRSE automatically creates multiple drawings in 2D such as Line Schematics, Signal Flow Diagrams, etc., once you’re done designing in the virtual environment, saving a ton of time. 

“We are excited to launch X-VRSE, a VR solution that is going to transform design and sales processes in the AV industry. After streamlining the platform with technologies like automation and cloud computing, and winning awards and even a patent for these, VR was the next big thing that XTEN-AV had its eye on!,” said Vibhav Singh and Sahil Dhingra, co-Founders, XTEN-AV. “Our aim is to give our users a world-class VR experience and equip them with the latest technology to create even more comprehensive designs & spaces.”

“X-VRSE offers multiple ways to utilize the platform by  either using a VR headset or by using a standalone version on any laptop or desktop, essentially working as a game on your computer. That’s why we say AV designing can be made a lot more fun using X-VRSE!” continued the co-Founders. 

Incorporation of virtual reality with AV design and sales offers the ease of visualizing your 2D designs, as an immersive experience, even at the conceptualization/design stage of a project. The X-VRSE technology not just makes it easier for the AV designers and integrators to create comprehensive, stimulating AV designs but also for the sales people to convince decision-makers and clients to select appropriate products right from the start!

For more information, please visit www.xtenav.com

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