Snap One Launches Next-Gen Binary 960 Series MoIP Solutions at InfoComm 2023

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At InfoComm 2023, Snap One today unveiled its innovative new Binary 960 Series MoIP solutions, which provide Partners and end users with advanced video-distribution capabilities for both residential and commercial projects. The new series enables distribution of 4K60 video content, video tiling for up to 16 sources, simplified setup through OvrC, and reduced video compression for 10G-capable networks.

According to Rob Brunett, Director of Product Management at Snap One, the 960 Series’ advances empower Partners to design and implement more MoIP-based solutions in all types of projects, with specific benefits for end users.

“Video distribution is central to many custom integration projects, and the new Binary 960 Series allows our Partners to leverage the simplicity and flexibility of MoIP to deliver significant improvements for video quality and digital signage control,“ said Brunett. “Partners also benefit from native OvrC integration that improves system monitoring and provides a single platform to set up MoIP, WattBox and Episode products.”

The 960 Series launch includes three products: the new B-960-MOIP-4K-TX-A transmitter that enables audio downmixing, the B-960-MOIP-4K-TR transceiver that can simultaneously send and receive, and the B-960-MOIP-4K-RX receiver, launching in Summer 2023, with video tiling capability.

Together, these products let Partners take advantage of the increased bandwidth of modern 10G networks to provide 4K60 HDR video and fast switching to ensure smooth operations for demanding use cases. The 960 Series also creates new efficiencies and end-user benefits by providing a less-centralized system that integrates MultiView and video wall applications (up to 4×4) without the need for any additional hardware.

The Binary 960 Series MoIP launch will coincide with a firmware update for existing 900 Series solutions that moves setup procedures off the local device and onto the OvrC platform.

“As various Snap One brands continue to release OvrC-compatible products, the Binary 960 Series will increase in value through auto device setup options, additional diagnostics and enhanced video controls,” Brunett concluded.

For more information, visit Snap One at InfoComm Booth #3634.

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