Are Your Facilities a Barrier to Your Ministry?

by | May 4, 2023 | Design-Build, Facilities

A church’s building design communicates to its attendees before they even step through the doors. While growth is the goal for a church, commencing a church expansion project requires careful consideration. If you expand too early, you might not see the return on your investment. If you wait too long, your congregation and membership may suffer.

To avoid this uncertainty, the church architecture and design expert consultants at Studio Four Design identified the areas and indicators to answer your church construction questions like “What do you build?”, “When do you build?”, and “Should you expand now or later?”


Not sure if your church is experiencing growth? Check your attendance at church services. Your building reaches capacity when your sanctuary or auditorium is, on average, 80 percent filled at each event. If your church, at fullest capacity, seats 500 people, your attendance growth has reached a plateau when you average 400 or more at each church service.

A second service could help address this attendance plateau. Giving people scheduling options lifts the restriction of your entire congregation meeting at once, but it also creates more work, more time and more effort in terms of staffing, branding, technology and communication.  However, opening up your scheduling flexibility gives churchgoers more opportunities to volunteer. It even gives your staff the ability to connect with attendees on a more personal level. Your classrooms will also feel less crowded from the alternate services.

As your congregation continues to grow, think about what is feasible for your church. If you hit a plateau with both services, can you add another time slot for your teaching? This is when you should consider a church building expansion project. Measure the rate of growth and create a plan to either expand your current facility, start production on a new church building, or plant one at a new location.


Church growth and its children’s ministries go hand in hand. Parents decide on a church based on a number of things, one of them being the quality and the environment of your childcare services.

The activities offered and the teaching are also important, but parents consider, the size, safety and security of your children’s. They are trusting your staff with their child during an hour or two hour period of worship and listening. Putting their minds at ease will go a long way with parents.

As with your congregation, if your children’s ministry is facing a capacity plateau or if the layout of classrooms and auditoriums is puzzling for parents, your church build could deter parents from regularly attending. Your childcare offerings should put parents at ease during the teaching and a cramped space or confusing layout can distract them.

Considering an expansion or a new facility for your church is a huge undertaking. With the help of experienced architecture and design consultants, you can make a decision for your congregation that speaks to your mission and encourages growth.

Church expansion issues should be dealt with to foster growth, yet they should never take precedence above the church’s mission to foster relationships with your community. Proverbs 21:5 says, ‘The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance.’ Don’t let your facility be a barrier to your mission. Work with professional architecture and design consultants such as the experts at Studio Four Design to make a plan that addresses your growth and other facility barriers while still being stewards to your mission.

Stay tuned to find out how your parking, environment and setting can be potential barriers to your ministry.

Stacy L. Cox, AIA, is the President of Studio Four Design

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