7 Types of Faith-Based Podcasts You Need in Your Playlist as a Church Leader (with Podcast Suggestions!)

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A pastor and good friend of mine often says that “When you say ‘yes’ to lead, you say ‘yes’ to learn.” Learning happens in a myriad of ways, from mentors and on-the-job experiences to conferences, books, and, yes, even podcasts. 

With so many growth opportunities, it’s helpful to approach learning and development like a well-rounded plan for physical exercise. If you only ever work on arm strength and make every day back and biceps day, you’ll miss developing other muscle groups necessary to get you where you need to go. 

Leaders who only train one muscle-group end up underdeveloped in key areas needed for long-term ministry health and strength.

As a church leader, each day presents you with opportunities to lead at micro and macro levels. This includes leadership skills and human behavior, navigating culture, theological backing, pastoral care, and pulling from the deep reservoirs of your time with God in the Word. And there’s a wealth of podcasts to aid various aspects of your development.

Here’s a list of 7 types of faith-based podcasts with some podcast suggestions you may find helpful and interesting (in random order). Ask God for his continued guidance as you explore the podcasts below, and as you partner with him in his ministry to you and through you to those you lead. 

7 Types of Faith-Based Podcasts You Need in Your Playlist (#6 May Surprise You!): 

1. Leaders Talking About Leadership

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Hosted by leadership author, speaker, podcaster, and church planter, Carey Nieuwhof.

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Hosted by pastor, communicator, author, and founder of North Point Ministries, Andy Stanley.

The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Hosted by author and pastor of Life.Church, Craig Groeschel.

2. Pastoral Ministry & Church Leadership

The Resilient Pastor


A podcast from Barna, an organization focused on the intersection of faith and culture. Hosted by three friends and pastors, Glenn Packiam, and recently announced new co-hosts Rich Villodas and Sharon Hodde Miller. 

Church InTension

A podcast of The King’s University. Hosted by pastor and university President, Dr. Jon Chasteen. 

3. Culture & Human Behavior

Lead Culture with Jenni Catron


Hosted by author, speaker, and founder of culture company The 4Sight Group, Jenni Catron.



Hosted by author, leadership expert, and psychologist, Dr. Henry Cloud.

Leadership in Black and White


Powered by World Vision. Hosted by pastors John Siebeling and Wayne Francis.

Emotionally Healthy Leader Podcast

Hosted by pastor, author, and Emotionally Healthy Discipleship co-founder, Pete Scazzero.

4. Theological Conversations 

Verity Podcast


Hosted by author, speaker, and public theologian, Phylicia Masonheimer.



Hosted by creators of BibleProject, Tim Mackie PhD, and visual storyteller, Jon Collins. You may also enjoy BibleProject videos on YouTube.

Ask NT Wright Anything


Hosted by author and one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars, NT Wright.

Knowing Faith


A podcast offered by Training the Church. Hosted by author and Bible teacher Jen Wilkin, and pastors JT English and Kyle Worley.

5. Navigating Culture and Controversial Subjects 

Thirty Minutes with The Perrys


Hosted by performance artist, teacher and apologist Preston Perry and author, Bible teacher Jackie Hill Perry.

The Relevant Podcast


Hosted by Cameron Strang, Jesse Carey, Jamie Ivey, Derek Minor and Tyler Huckabee.

The Basement with Tim Ross


Hosted by author and preacher Tim Ross.

6. Diversity of Thought, Topic, or Life Experience

A) Who can you listen to that speaks from a different perspective or life experience than your own? 

Some podcasts listed above may fit this category for you. Also consider those hosted by or created for audiences of a different age, ethnicity, denomination, location, or gender. 

B) Who can you thoughtfully listen to, knowing you’ll likely disagree with them?

Consider intentionally listening to a few podcasters you disagree with, such as pastors with different convictions about secondary issues or from a different denomination. While likely on a less frequent rotation, you can find areas of commonality, further examine & clarify your own convictions, and add understanding & skill as you communicate and care for people with differing points of view. 

7. Scripture and Prayer Prompts

Good God Talks


Hosted by author, speaker, Ministry Coach, and Bible Teacher Jen Weaver.

Prayer Starters


Hosted by author and speaker Suzanne Eller.

Commuter Bible


Hosted by John Ross MDiv.

As you review this list for yourself, consider what would help strengthen your leadership in your current season. What podcast category presents opportunities for the greatest gains as you care for those around you? How can you make the most of these resources as you walk out that “yes” to lead and to learn? Happy listening!

Note: Podcasts and individuals mentioned here do not imply affiliation or endorsement. Use discretion, discernment, and personal preference when listening.

About the author

Jen Weaver is a Ministry Coach, investing in your personal and organizational leadership growth to help you develop thriving teams, and build message clarity for the ministry you love. With 17+ years in volunteer ministry, 15+ years in corporate business leadership, 9+ years in online ministry, and 3 years serving in vocational pastoral ministry at a megachurch, Jen thrives in merging strategy with ministry purpose and kingdom focus. Jen holds certifications as a Cross-Cultural Trainer through International House London, a DISC Method Trainer, and John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, Coach. She’s also the host of the Good God Talks podcast, founder of Collective Good, an online community for Christian leaders, a published author, and serves as a Bible teacher and conference speaker. You can connect with her via thejenweaver.com and on social media as thejenweaver.

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