Leadership Track Seminars at CFX Will Cover a Broad Range of Topics on Management, Ministry, and Staff Development

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Church Facilities Expo, Leadership

This year’s Church Facilities Expo (CFX), the largest conference and expo devoted entirely to worship facilities, has more seminars than ever before, broken out into three tracks; Production and Technology, Facilities and Operations, and Leadership and Management. This week we’ll be looking at the Leadership track, which offers a wide assortment of subjects that would be of benefit to any worship facility leader.

Pre-conference masterclass

This year, for the first time, pre-conference masterclasses will be available on October 24, the day before the conference officially begins, with one masterclass for each subject track. The masterclass for the Leadership track will be “Essentials of Church Communication,” which will be an intensive workshop, broken into four parts, each presented by a different speaker. The parts include:

  1. The Strategic Role of a Communications Director, by writer, producer, director and former communications director Laura Woodworth
  2. Strategic Communication & Discovering Your Voice by author, speaker, and podcast host Dr. Jen Bennett
  3. Branding, Marketing, and Creating Brand Ambassadors by speaker, writer, and branding consultant LaTan Roland Murphy
  4. Platforms and Media to Use for Communications to Create & Recycle Killer Content by podcast host, author, and founder of Spark Media Misty Phillip.

October 25

On the first full day of the conference, leadership and management sessions will include:

  • Hiring for Things You Won’t Find on a Resume by William Vanderbloemen, CEO and founder of Vanderbloemen
  • Graphic Design & Shine: Dynamic Messages Through Bold Choices by Jen Ratliff-Towner, Tech Team Lead at Trinity Episcopal Church
  • Service Planning: Creating Incredible Services 52 Times a Year by Ben Stapley, Executive Pastor at The Life Christian Church
  • Healthy Conflict Resolution by Eric Byrd, Director of Worship & Media at Frederick Church of the Brethren
  • Digital Discipleship Beyond a Live Stream by Megan Carter, Engagement Pastor at Church Anywhere and Tyler Sansom, Lead Pastor at First Christian Church and Church Anywhere
  • Getting Back to Better: Identifying and Preventing Burnout by Ben Snyder, Lead Pastor at CedarCreek Church
  • Using the Hulu Model for Better Website Organization by Reed Verdesoto, Web and App Platform Consultant and Integrator.

October 26

On the final day of the conference, leadership track seminars will include:

  • Dealing with Poor Performers from a Biblical Perspective by Brett Billups, Owner and CEO of Biblical HR
  • Write Above the Noise: 4 Keys to Develop Compelling Content in Your Communications by author, producer, and former communications director Laura Woodworth
  • Social Media Roadmap: Christian Influencers in the Digital Space by Markinzie Lebrun, pastor at The Font Church
  • Preparing Your Church Building to Receive the Lost and Unchurched by Jeremy Malick, founder of Church Coach Ministries
  • How to Be a Rock Star Leader by Stephen Brewster, music creator/producer and Church Leadership Coach
  • Courage to Include Women in Ministry While Honoring Doctrinal Beliefs by speaker, writer, and branding consultant LaTan Roland Murphy
  • Using Digital Options in the New Normal by Jason Caston, CEO of iChurch Method
  • Websites: 5 Steps to Make Google Your Biggest Evangelist by church branding strategist Mark McDonald
  • Get Your Volunteers Saying Yes, Sticking Around, and Scaling into Leadership by Ministry Coach Jen Weaver.

To register to attend CFX 2022, including the pre-conference masterclasses, follow this link: https://churchfacilitiesexpo.com/registration/.

Church Facilities Conference and Expo - October 24-26, 2022, Dallas, TX


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