Production Track at CFX Essentials Focuses on Hybrid Worship Production

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The first-ever CFX Essentials mini-conference, to be held in Charlotte, NC April 28-29, will feature seminars from two tracks, packed full of information to benefit your worship team. This week, Worship Facility will take a look at the Hybrid Worship Production Track.

Every church has educational and training needs for the tech leader, staff, and volunteers, as well as their communications teams. Churches today are striving to enhance the in-person and online experience and increase engagement with their communities. CFX Essentials delivers tangible education, training, exposure, and inspiration for the development of your ministry teams. Conference sessions include:

  • The Basics of Creating a Good Livestream
  • Audio Mixing 101
  • Developing a Good On-Screen Look
  • Audio Mixing 201
  • Troubleshooting Livestreaming Problems
  • Camera Angles & Lighting
  • Troubleshooting Audio Problems
  • Creating Short Films for Deeper Engagement
  • Tech Upgrade Master Planning
  • Engagement Opportunities During a Livestream
  • Using Tech to Create Space for Worship
  • Service Planning: What All Needs to Be Considered
  • What Does Creative Ministry Look Like?
  • Websites & Social Media
  • Tech Maintenance
  • Using Your Resources to Share Christ Online

Click here to register for the conference.

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